Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 635
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 635
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 635: The Marriage Certificate Discovered (38)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

What’s with me? Wasn’t I going to change the topic? Why couldn’t I do it?

Ji Yi’s eyes started to ache. She held her breath and tried hard to suppress the roaring pain in her chest to stop herself from crying in front of He Jichen.

She knew she really wasn’t in the right mind to sit across from He Jichen. She needed time to accept the truth that he was already married.

With that thought, Ji Yi forced herself to smile and tried her best to speak naturally in a relaxed voice, “Regardless, it’s a joyous occasion and I have to congratulate you.”

After she said this, Ji Yi didn’t wait for He Jichen to reply but grabbed her phone and glanced at the time. “It’s almost seven – Zhuang Yi should’ve finished work now. I asked her to take Huahua on a tour of the office and I think they’re probably done. I have plans to meet up with Huahua and Bo He for dinner; we haven’t seen each other all winter break and we missed each other so much, so I think it’s best that you don’t join us for dinner…”

Ji Yi jabbered on for a really long time until finally, she didn’t know what she was saying anymore. It wasn’t until she had nothing else to say that she sluggishly got up and said goodbye to He Jichen, “…I, errrr, have to really go see Huahua now. Bye.”

Ji Yi didn’t wait for He Jichen to answer before she picked up her bag, turned right around, and bolted out of his office.

After she shut the door, Ji Yi’s eyes instantly turned red.

There were a lot of people doing overtime outside the general manager’s office nearby. Ji Yi was afraid they’d see her lose her cool, so she took a deep breath and suppressed the urge to cry. She lowered her head slightly and quickly walked away.

When she passed the general manager’s office, someone greeted her. Without daring to glance over, she gave a tiny nod and sped off.

She didn’t go directly to Tang Huahua since Tang Huahua sent her a text telling her she’d be waiting for her on the first floor, so Ji Yi took the elevator down.

Sitting on the sofa in the large lobby, Ji Yi looked all around. All she saw was the darkened sky outside the windows and felt a fog creeping up within her eyes.

She pulled out a tissue and was about to wipe the tears from her eyes when she heard Tang Huahua’s voice from behind her: “Xiao Yi?”

Ji Yi’s fingers trembled as she quickly rubbed her eyes. Taking a deep breath facing the window, she forced her lips into a smile then turned around and looked over at Tang Huahua.

On the way to school, Tang Huahua wouldn’t stop going on about YC. Ji Yi didn’t want to talk, but she was afraid Tang Huahua would notice something was off. All she could do was give her a few half-hearted replies.

When they arrived at the school, Ji Yi made up a random excuse about feeling unwell to avoid going to tonight’s start-of-school party. She headed straight back to the dorm room.

Tang Huahua and Bo He were going to the start-of-school party, so she was the only one left in the dorm room.

She shut the door and leaned against the wooden door. Before she could lower her head, tears flowed down from her eyes.

He Jichen… How is he married all of a sudden?

It’s only been two days since I realized I was in love with him… How could he be married just like that?

Back then, he told her he was going to take responsibility. If she accepted it at the time, how great would that have been…? It wouldn’t have mattered if he was with her out of obligation and not for love; that’d be fine, right? At the very least, she could have him…

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