Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 64
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 64
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 64: Waging a War for Her (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Most importantly, Little Nine was a lesbian, so that was instantly a topic of conversation and controversy. It was easy for people to remember her; she definitely wouldn’t be forgotten.

On her great return to the entertainment industry, what Ji Yi wanted the most was to be remembered and talked about.

When director Liang heard Ji Yi’s answer, praise flashed across his eyes. He didn’t say anything else to Ji Yi, but turned to a judge next to him and said, “I have no more questions, let’s start the audition.”

Ji Yi’s audition topic was: “When you deeply love someone, what would you do when they say they want to break up with you?”

Ji Yi lowered her eyes and quietly thought about her act for three minutes, then made an “ok” gesture. Then the staff member who was responsible for reading lines with her said, “Let’s break up.” That was Ji Yi’s cue to begin her act.

She didn’t respond directly to the staff member’s words, but she stood there staring firmly at him. After a few seconds, she gently moved her lips as though she was about to say something. But eventually, she decided not to say anything at all. She gradually lowered her head, slowly turned around, took two steps in the opposite direction and stopped. She was about to look back, but in the end, she decided against it. After lifting her legs again, she had barely taken two steps forward when her pitch-black eyes grew red, and a single teardrop fell from the corner of her eye…

Even though there wasn’t a line of dialogue in her entire performance, she delivered a spectacular performance of the breakup scene.

The moment they saw Ji Yi cry, the five judges looked impressed, exchanged looks, and nodded one after the other.

After the performance, Ji Yi broke out of character. Just as she was ready to turn around and give everyone in the room a nod to signal “I’ve finished my performance,” the studio doors suddenly opened. Everyone turned their attention as the lavishly dressed Qian Ge entered with her assistant.

She unapologetically said “sorry” for interrupting the audition. Then she bustled over to director Liang in her high heels, bent down and whispered something into his ear. Director Liang furrowed his brows, glanced up at Ji Yi then got up, signaling for everyone in the room to wait. He then followed Qian Ge out.

About two minutes later, the doors to the studio opened again and director Liang commanded, “Xu Yi, step out for a second.”

Xu Yi immediately got up and ran out.

This time, only about thirty seconds passed before Xu Yi came back in. Then he told Ji Yi, “Apologies Miss. Ji Yi, please leave. We have decided to disqualify your right to audition due to sudden changes in the circumstances.”

She already finished and the five judges were obviously impressed by her; her chances of getting the role were high. What’s more, the character she was auditioning for wasn’t even important, yet the second Qian Ge appeared, she was disqualified…

From where she was standing, Ji Yi clearly saw the looks of panic and heard the huddled whispers of the discussions of her audience. She even saw He Jichen finally look up at her for the first since she came in.

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