Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 641
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 641
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 641: The Unruly Heart (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“It happened four years ago. I really didn’t have any hope, but I was still able to find it.”

Qian Ge didn’t try to stop He Jichen anymore. She knew that after He Jichen saw the video, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to leave.

“He Jichen, this video must be the only stain on your life, right? You must’ve known that back then, it almost ruined your life!”

Qian Ge’s voice sounded more and more confident with hints of mockery.

“At the time, the He family used their connections and spent quite a lot of money, didn’t they? It happened so many years ago, He Jichen. Did you almost forget what you once did?”

“Oh, look at this memory of mine. How could I forget such an important point? You only did this in the first place because…” Qian Ge pretended she forgot and purposefully waited a while then spoke as though the idea just came to her like a complete surprise: “… because of Ji Yi!”

After she said this, Qian Ge slowly took a step back and sluggishly leaned against He Jichen’s car.

The corners of her lips turned into a smirk as she looked over at the silent He Jichen for a while and said, “He Jichen… Say, if I accidentally leaked the video, would you be as rude and harsh as you are now?”

As Qian Ge said this, her eyes scanned He Jichen up and down. “Could you still live pretending to look all calm, graceful, and majestic like a prince?”

“Most importantly…” Qian Ge met He Jichen’s eyes. “… At the time, you were so helpless that you couldn’t help Ji Yi in any way.”

As her voice fell, Qian Ge realized she forgot to say something and quickly turned her head. “No no no, Ji Yi’s an artist at YC now. If you’re finished, that’ll affect her too, right? And your relationship is so close. I’m afraid that when the time comes, you won’t be the only one who has it bad – she can’t get away scot-free either, right?!”

“So He Jichen, you don’t want the video to get out, right?”

Qian Ge’s demeanor and tone of voice instantly turned serious. “If you don’t want that, let’s talk terms, shall we?”

Qian Ge paused for a while. Seeing that He Jichen still showed no signs of talking, she added, “Freeze out Ji Yi. As long as you stop promoting her, then consider everything settled between us!”

“Not interested.” Having not uttered a word since watching the video, He Jichen finally blurted out those two words after hearing Qian Ge’s terms.

Then he bent over and entered his car.

When he reached out to shut the car door, Qian Ge beat him to it and blocked him. “He Jichen, you know full well that the only reason you got out of what happened four years ago was because I had you in my heart. Four years later, it’s the same. Though I showed you this video today, I never wanted to really destroy you! So He Jichen, don’t push me. As long as you agree to my terms, I promise I’ll never mess with Ji Yi again. Between us and Ji Yi, all of it will be completely settled!”

“Us?” He Jichen heard those two words come out of Qian Ge’s mouth for the second time and furrowed his brows tightly as though he heard the most disgusting thing. “Between you and me, there is no US!”

After he said this, he started the engine up and fastened his seatbelt.

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