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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 642
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 642: The Unruly Heart (2)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge was afraid He Jichen would step on the gas and speed off in a second, so she cried loudly, “He Jichen, you’re only able to be so condescending in front of me because I like you. You know I like you, so you don’t think I’ll ruin you, am I right? Let me tell you – if you don’t agree to my terms, I’ll definitely leak the video. I would rather destroy something I can’t have over letting other people have it! Even if Ji Yi gets you one day, I want to make it hard for her to have you. After she gets you, it’ll cause her a world of trouble!”

He Jichen suddenly halted his foot above the gas pedal.

He didn’t look at Qian Ge but stared right ahead, silently.

“Firstly, I’m not using the fact that you like me to act all condescending in front of you because in my eyes, you’re not even a person. As for you liking me, that’s the biggest stain on my life, not the video you just showed me.”

“Secondly, I never assumed you wouldn’t dare to leak the video, but did you think I was afraid? Four years ago, if I dared to do it then I accepted the consequences. I’m telling you, Qian Ge. Even now, if you dare to take things too far against Ji Yi, I will reenact what happened four years ago just for you!”

“Thirdly, I will never talk terms with you. Who dares to freeze out the person I’m supporting? As long as I’m around, no one will ever get in her way. Even if I’m that person, I will relentlessly clear things up!”

The second he finished, he swatted Qian Ge’s hand off his car door. He shut the door, stepped on the gas, and sped out of the parking lot.

He Jichen sped through the main roads of Beijing rapidly for quite some time until there were fewer and fewer cars on the road. The third time he drew close to B-Film, he took a quick turn at the road ahead and drove off the main road. With his emergency brakes, he stopped on the road under an old locust tree.

In the silent night, he leaned back in his seat and stared up at the dim streetlights out the window. After staring for a bit, he reached for a cigarette and lit it up.

He didn’t smoke it but let it burn between his fingers and fill up the car with smoke.

His chaotic state of mind slowly settled under the tobacco smoke.

Yes, if Qian Ge hadn’t brought the video to him, he really would’ve forgotten what he did four years ago.

She was right. As soon as the video got out, he would be targeted by everyone in the country. Then his career and YC would be affected; of course, as an artist at YC, that would include Ji Yi.

But it was just as Qian Ge said – he could lose his career as a director and YC could fall, but Ji Yi couldn’t be ruined!

So, he now had to race against time with Qian Ge.

He had to push Ji Yi up to the highest peak to promise her a comfortable future before Qian Ge publicized the video to the world.

As for him…

He Jichen didn’t think about it and softly lowered his gaze.

His eyes happened to catch a glimpse of the two marriage certificates from the corner of his eye.

With the cigarette between his fingers, his fingers suddenly shook as an indescribable pain instantly radiated throughout his body from his chest.

The pain stifled his breathing but after a while, he slowly lifted his eyelids. Through the shroud of smoke, he stared out the window.

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