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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 643
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 643: The Unruly Heart (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

… As for me, I’m afraid I might have t-to…

They went their seperate ways for four years. In those four years, he’d experienced how hard life was without her, so he gave up his prestigious school acceptance with no hesitation. He gave up his bright future and came to Beijing just to be closer to her.

He created YC to put her somewhere he could see her.

To take care of her, he impersonated his older brother, He Yuguang, with no hesitation and treated her well while using the identity of the person she liked.

He did it simply to get closer to her, closer, and even closer.

He’d liked her for a long time – so long that it made him satisfied and happy to find out something about her every day.

However, he now had no choice but to leave her in order to protect her…

All of a sudden, He Jichen’s heart felt incredibly stifled; it was a little difficult for him to breathe.

He rolled the car window down.

The cold wind in the early spring wafted into the car, flickering the cigarette spark. The intense smell of smoke entered his nostrils and irritated his eyes, making them feel sore and painfully swollen.

He never imagined that things would turn out this way…

A minute ago, he was like a kid who found love for the first time, excitedly ready to turn and confess to the woman he loved. The next second, everything was turning on its head…

There was a saying that between a man and a woman, destiny ruled; no matter how long people went around in circles, those who were fated to be together would eventually come together. He and Ji Yi probably weren’t destined to be together. After running around in circles for ten years, they were going to end up going their separate ways.

Their story didn’t have an ending where “She’s the most beautiful thing in my life,” but rather “She’s the worst memory of my life.”

The wind grew stronger and stronger while the heat in the car quickly enveloped the cold breeze.

With the temperature lowering, it was like He Jichen couldn’t feel a thing. He sat there stunned, staring out the window without flinching.

After the cigarette burned to the very tip, he woke from his daze with the slight warmth. He put out the cigarette and pulled a new one out then he returned to his earlier state.

He Jichen didn’t know just how long he was in a daydream for, but the sky slowly got brighter and the quiet city slowly started to wake up. There were more and more cars on the empty streets. He didn’t snap back to his senses until the sunshine pierced through his car window and hit his face.

So he sat in the car, absent-minded for a whole night…

He Jichen slowly turned his head and sat upright.

The trash can in his car was filled with various-sized cigarette butts and ashes all around him.

He gently moved his feet, attempting to drive, but he realized they were numb from holding the same position for too long.

He pushed open the car door and used all his strength to force himself out of the car.

He stood outside the car and stared at the busy road ahead filled with cars and people. His gaze turned into a daze.

After just two minutes, he was woken up by his phone ringing back in the car.

He turned around and reached for his phone to see that it was Chen Bai calling. He took the call. Chen Bai called to ask when he was going to leave so he could make the time to pick him up.

He Jichen wanted to reply “No thanks” but thought about his current condition. He wasn’t in the right state to drive, so he swallowed his words and told Chen Bai where he was.

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