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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 649
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 649: The Unruly Heart (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After her voice fell, Han Zhifan stared at her for a while before moving his lips. “Let’s have dinner tonight. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

Cheng Weiwan wasn’t sure if it was all in her head, but she felt like Han Zhifan’s gaze was a little cold. The sight of him made her heart start to feel cold too.

In this area, women are naturally intuitive. She knew exactly what Han Zhifan wanted to talk to her about that night.

Her heart couldn’t take it and started to panic. Even if she did know that this romance was a well-concocted lie, she was still afraid to lose it.

Because she had whole-heartedly fallen in love… No, she was wholeheartedly still in love…

Cheng Weiwan didn’t dare to look into Han Zhifan’s eyes. She lowered her eyes slightly and let out an “Mhm.” After some time, she finally said, “Come home tonight for dinner…”

“That’s too much trouble…”

“N-no trouble.” Cheng Weiwan didn’t wait for Han Zhifan to finish speaking and interrupted him: “I recently learned how to cook a new dish. I want to make it for you…”

Han Zhifan was silent for a while before he eventually complied with her wishes. “Alright, then you go work and find me afterward in the parking lot.”

Actually, Cheng Weiwan had already finished, but after Han Zhifan left, she lingered around the set for a long time before going to the parking lot.

“Jiuchong Palace” was shot in a film studio in the suburbs south of Beijing, so it took a long while to drive back to the city. Cheng Weiwan was afraid she and Han Zhifan would start talking in the car, so she pretended to look tired and shut her eyes as though she fell asleep.

The car stopped at Han Zhifan’s apartment where Cheng Weiwan raced to get out first. She hurriedly left after saying, “I’m going to the supermarket to buy some ingredients first.”

Carrying a bag of fresh ingredients, she headed back to Han Zhifan’s apartment. Unlike in the past, Cheng Weiwan didn’t use her key to open the door but knocked instead.

When Han Zhifan opened the door, she showed him the ingredients she brought back from the supermarket and flashed a smile that she worked hard on practicing several times. Without waiting for him to say anything, she walked right into the kitchen.

It was already eight o’clock by the time the food was ready.

Cheng Weiwan was in the dining room, staring in a daze at the spread of three dishes and soup for a long, long time before she called Han Zhifan over to eat.

When Han Zhifan sat down, Cheng Weiwan served him rice and soup attentively then even handed him a pair of chopsticks like she did in the past.

Cheng Weiwan served herself some rice. After she sat down, she was afraid Han Zhifan would say something, so she spoke first, “So hungry. Let’s quickly eat.”

Cheng Weiwan was really hungry. Since she was pregnant, she’d been eating a lot recently.

After her voice fell, she didn’t care if Han Zhifan had started eating or not as she lowered her head and started to eat rice.

After having a bowl of rice, Han Zhifan, who was sitting in front of her, said, “Cheng Weiwan.”

He used to call her “Wanwan,” but now he called her by her full name…

Cheng Weiwan’s hands holding her chopsticks shook. She then said with a flustered voice, “Errr, I’m still not full yet. Let’s talk later, okay?”

With that, Cheng Weiwan served herself another heaping bowl of rice and started to shove the food into her mouth.

Han Zhifan leaned back into his chair and lowered his head. Cheng Weiwan, who was eating furiously, felt like it was hard to breathe. He turned his head and stayed like that for a while. Then he realized the heavy feeling he had still showed no signs of disappearing, so he pushed out the chair behind him and got up. “I’ll wait for you outside.”

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