Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 651
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 651
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 651: Do You Know Who I Have A Crush On? (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Abort it?

He just found out I’m pregnant and with no hesitation at all, he’s asking me to abort it?

The baby in my womb is his baby too…

Cheng Weiwan’s chest felt a pounding pain. It hurt so much that her fingers couldn’t help but clutch her sleeves.

The room felt like it was frozen in the same frame. It was incredibly silent.

Cheng Weiwan was so quiet that she made Han Zhifan think he hadn’t said anything at all.

He waited for a while, but seeing as Cheng Weiwan remained silent, he spoke again. “Tomorrow, I’ll ask my secretary to contact a doctor. Once they’ve arranged a time for the operation, she’ll contact you.”

As Han Zhifan’s voice rang in Cheng Weiwan’s ears, she slowly raised her head and looked over at him.

The blood was drained from her face and her eyes were wide open, but there was a stillness in her eyes. She didn’t look hazy or sad, but there was a soft, pleading tone in her voice, “Zhifan…”

Han Zhifan didn’t wait for her to finish speaking before he said with a cold, flat voice, “Tonight, the thing I wanted to talk to you about is that from now on, our relationship is over.”

Our relationship… what does he mean?

Shouldn’t we be breaking up?

Oh yeah, our relationship is a lie to him, so why would he use words like “break up”?

After all, breaking up meant they were both in love at one point… And it meant there were feelings between them during their relationship.

Cheng Weiwan was already pale white, but she turned even paler. Her lips trembled frantically, causing her to stutter like crazy: “I-I can accept us being over, but could you not make me abort the baby?”

“I-I-I…” Cheng Weiwan looked at the incredibly cold look on Han Zhifan’s face and muttered, “… have money, so I don’t need you to help me raise the child. I really do have money. I’ve been saving a lot a lot of money. I can raise the child really, really well…”

“… I promise-promise I’ll never show up in front of you nor will the baby. Just pretend that the baby and I never existed, please?”

She couldn’t handle it as her eyes started to fog up when she finished speaking.

Apart from the night he planned to save her, for the entire year they were together, was this perhaps the first time he’d seen her not blush or smile?

Back then, when he saw her smile, he thought about how he would definitely make her cry one day!

Now that day had finally come, he realized he wasn’t as happy as he thought he’d be, nor did he feel as satisfied as he thought he’d be when he succeeded.

In fact, he felt annoyed.

It was completely different from what he imagined and it started to make Han Zhifan feel irritated for no reason.


When she begged him again, he suddenly walked up to her, reached his hand out and dragged her out the door by the arm. He walked her up to the emergency exit stairway and pointed downward. He pushed her down a little and said angrily, “I asked you to abort the baby, so abort the baby. I’m telling you – if I was looking for someone to have a baby with, that person would never be you!”

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