Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 653
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 653
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 653: Do You Know Who I Have A Crush On? (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She pressed the doorbell for ages but no one opened the door.

Just when Ji Yi thought Cheng Weiwan wasn’t home and was about to leave, the tightly-shut door opened.

Ji Yi raised her head and was shocked at how pale Cheng Weiwan’s face was. Ji Yi was completely stunned for a moment but two seconds later, she said, “Wanwan, what’s wrong? You look terrible. Are you sick?”

Cheng Weiwan wanted to force a smile for Ji Yi, but it made her want to cry even more. In the end, she just shook her head and said in an unbelievably hoarse voice, “No.”

When she finished, Cheng Weiwan moved aside to let Ji Yi into the apartment.

Ji Yi removed her shoes. She couldn’t help but ask worriedly, “Then what’s wrong?”

Cheng Weiwan acted as though she hadn’t heard what Ji Yi said. She poured her a glass of water and handed it to Ji Yi. Then she asked what was on her mind, “Xiao Yi, why did you come over?”

Ji Yi could tell Cheng Weiwan didn’t want to talk about it, so she intuitively didn’t ask her any more questions about it. She first said “Thanks” then took the glass of water and continued to answer her question. “It’s the script – I think there’s a problem with it. Was there some mistake when it was printing…”

Ji Yi hadn’t finished her sentence when the phone Cheng Weiwan casually threw on the sofa rang.

When Ji Yi heard it, she instinctively turned her head to glance at the phone. She couldn’t read the words on the screen but figured it was a text message.

Cheng Weiwan looked over at the phone too, but as the phone was close to her, she could clearly read the words on the screen. All of a sudden, she froze.

Sensing that something was wrong, Ji Yi furrowed her brows. “What’s wrong?”

Cheng Weiwan heard what she said and looked a little more normal. She didn’t reply, but grabbed her phone, unlocked the screen and clicked the message she received.

It was from Han Zhifan’s secretary. “Miss Cheng, I contacted the hospital and arranged the operation for next Wednesday. You need to go to the hospital the day after tomorrow for a checkup. See what time’s suitable for you and I’ll pick you up.”

Han Zhifan sure moves fast… The things he said to me yesterday are all taken care of this afternoon…

Cheng Weiwan stared at her phone, clearly without much change in her facial expression, but Ji Yi still felt like something was wrong. She stared at her for a while then Ji Yi couldn’t help but cry, “Wanwan?”

“About the script…” Cheng Weiwan instantly snapped back to her senses. “…Let’s talk about it when we get back to the studio tomorrow. Xiao Yi, are you free later this afternoon? If you’re not busy, how about we go for a couple drinks?”

Cheng Weiwan was clearly smiling as she spoke, but Ji Yi felt like her smile was sadder than if she was crying.

She wasn’t stupid; Ji Yi knew something must’ve happened to Cheng Weiwan. She wanted to ask but she felt that if Cheng Weiwan wanted to say something, she would have. In this very moment, she just needed someone to stay with her, so she nodded in reply and said, “Alright.”

Now that she thought about it, it was strange that Cheng Weiwan clearly asked to go to the bar for two drinks, but when they got there, she ordered a glass of fresh orange juice instead.

Ji Yi saw that Cheng Weiwan wasn’t drinking, so she didn’t order alcohol either and went with a glass of orange juice too.

Cheng Weiwan didn’t look like she was going to say anything, so Ji Yi stayed silently by her side.

Time went by slowly, but it was still early in the evening – Ji Yi figured that sitting around wasn’t a solid plan. If Cheng Weiwan was in a bad mood, maybe she could find something to get her mind off things, so Ji Yi suggested, “Wanwan, are you hungry? How about I treat you to something to eat?”

Ji Yi wasn’t sure if Cheng Weiwan heard her, but after she noticed Ji Yi was talking to her, she gave her a stiff nod.

“Then I’ll go to the bathroom first. You wait here and I’ll be right back.”

Ji Yi waited for Cheng Weiwan to nod before she grabbed her phone and went to the restroom.

As Ji Yi stepped out of the restroom and was ready to go back to Cheng Weiwan, a drunk middle-aged man walked right up to her. She was about to walk around the middle-aged man when he reached his arm out and grabbed her wrist. “Miss, how much for a night?”

Crazy… secretly cursed Ji Yi.

Because the only women in the bar were her and Cheng Weiwan, she didn’t want to cause trouble. Instinctively, all she wanted to do was quickly pull her hand back, act as though that never happened, and leave.

But after she struggled out of the man’s grip, she only took two steps forward before the middle-aged man grabbed her wrist again. “Miss, don’t go! I can pay…”

As he said this, the middle-aged man pulled out some money from his pockets and tried to shove it down her shirt.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” blurted Ji Yi as she quickly retreated backward. Who knew that she would accidentally bump into someone’s firm chest.

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