Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 665
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 665
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 665: You’re the Joy of my Adolescence, the Adolescent Who I Liked (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ever since Ji Yi signed with YC, there were many times when if He Jichen didn’t contact her directly, Zhuang Yi would be the one contacting her.

It wasn’t like Chen Bai never called her before, but it was so rare that she could count the times on one hand. After hanging up the call with Chen Bai, Ji Yi secretly felt a bad feeling creeping into her heart. She stood still on the spot with her phone in hand then stared at the busy studio nearby. She couldn’t help but gently furrow her brows.

Soon enough, a makeup artist ran over to her. “Yi Jie, let me retouch your makeup.”

Ji Yi hurriedly came back to her senses and politely replied to the makeup artist with a smile.

Ji Yi wasn’t sure if she was overthinking things, but after she received Chen Bai’s call, she felt a little distracted. However, because she was still filming, Ji Yi had to maintain a high level of concentration to avoid making mistakes.

Today, Ji Yi didn’t have many scenes but she was even more exhausted than if she had to film martial arts scenes all day.

Completely drained, she went back to the hotel room close to the studio. She laid on the bed but it was hard for her to fall asleep.

The next day, Ji Yi climbed out of bed before six in the morning. She first gave a call to Zhuang Yi for her to get the car ready then walked into the bathroom to freshen up.

On the way to YC, the traffic was considerably smooth as there weren’t too many traffic jams.

Mid-April, the willow trees on either side of Beijing’s streets were all green, perfectly welcoming the spring flowers to bloom.

Pedestrians put away their thick, heavy winter clothes. There were some women who liked to dress up and had already changed into beautiful dresses.

Today’s weather was unusually good; the skies were clear without a single gray cloud. The sun lit up the ground and brightened up the entire city.

Ji Yi looked at the view outside the window. Since she received Chen Bai’s call yesterday, every now and then, she got distracted or daydreamed.

The car drove into the underground parking lot. Once the car was parked, Ji Yi and Zhuang Yi got out together and when they took the elevator up to the top floor, the CEO’s office, it happened to be eight o’clock.

Chen Bai must’ve been at the office for some time as the coffee on the desk was already half finished.

He watched Ji Yi and Zhuang Yi come over then immediately put down everything he was doing and got up. “Morning Miss Ji,” he cried.

Ji Yi replied with a smile and said, “Morning.”

“Miss Ji, let’s go to the small conference room to talk.” As he said this, Chen Bai turned around and grabbed a file from the desk. Then he gestured over to the small conference room as if to welcome Ji Yi.

Zhuang Yi didn’t come in. There was just Ji Yi and Chen Bai in the small conference room.

After Chen Bai signaled for Ji Yi to sit down, he walked out of the small conference room and cried “Two coffees” towards the manager’s office nearby.

Soon enough, a new assistant from the manager’s office carried a tray in and placed a cup of coffee in front of Ji Yi and the seat in front of her.

Ji Yi stirred the coffee twice then picked it up. Just as she was about to put it to her mouth, the door to the small conference room opened again.

Ji Yi thought it was He Jichen, so her fingers around her coffee involuntarily tightened. Then she looked over to find that it was Chen Bai who just walked in.

“Miss Ji, can we start now?”

Could it be that the person who wanted to talk today wasn’t He Jichen, but Chen Bai?

Ji Yi furrowed her brows slightly as she watched Chen Bai pull the chair out in front of him and sit down.

Probably because she hadn’t responded, Chen Bai added, “Miss Ji?”

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