Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 67
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 67
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 67: Waging a War for Her (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Even though it was an ectopic pregnancy, her records could be checked at a hospital. As soon as someone revealed this online, who knows what kind of controversy it could bring.

“You have to know that if I just casually reveal this to some people in the industry, it’ll quickly become a topic of conversation. They’ll talk about the short-lived fame of Ji Yi and how she had a miscarriage at eighteen. The investors, producers, and directors are smart people. They’d naturally would put you on a blacklist…” Qian Ge, who’d just turned the tables, spoke with a falsely warm, kind and unusually sweet voice as she wore an arrogant smile.

Qian Ge wasn’t wrong. Each and every person in this industry was devious. No matter how well she acted, no one dared to get in bed with a stranger with a “story.”

Although she assumed Qian Ge would give her trouble if she tried to re-enter the entertainment industry, she never imagined that Qian Ge’s attack would be such a devastating hit. So it seems like Qian Ge just wants to dispose of me as soon as possible in a one-shot kill. What’s more, she used a tactic to completely eliminate my chances of getting a foot in the industry to avoid future trouble with me.

Ji Yi tightly pursed the corner of her lips.

Qian Ge’s smile grew brighter and more captivating. Seeing as she didn’t say anything, she started to ramble on. “Ji Yi, it’s just as I said. You aren’t the same as you were four years ago. The once glorious Ji Yi has died so admit defeat. You obviously aren’t a match for me the way you are now…”

By the end, Qian Ge’s tone of voice grew heavier, more resolute and firm and with an air of arrogance, “Not today, nor will you ever be!”

“Really?” said Ji Yi suddenly, after staying silent for quite some time. She slowly lifted her eyes and met Qian Ge’s gaze with a calm glance. “Did you think you could hold me back like this?”

“Then let me make this clear, Qian Ge. You’re wrong. It’s easy to escape your trap—as long as I get married, everything you just said wouldn’t affect me at all. In fact, it would give those investors, producers, and directors a great chance to build hype. After all, a pregnancy out of wedlock is a real hot topic. With everyone paying attention to me, I could whip out marriage papers to rebuke it and fan the flames. It wouldn’t negatively affect my reputation anymore, and I’d be killing two birds with one stone. I believe any smart person would agree that this outcome couldn’t be any better!”

Perhaps Qian Ge never imagined that Ji Yi would think up such a trick to outmaneuver her. The smile on her face instantly disappeared.

She wasn’t smiling anymore, but instead, Ji Yi started to crack a smile. “If you think about it Qian Ge, I have to thank you. If you didn’t dig up my past, I wouldn’t have had the chance to make this play.”

When Ji Yi finished speaking, she shot a smirk at Qian Ge and ignored the distraught look on her face. She turned around to leave, but just as she lifted her foot, Ji Yi suddenly remembered something. She paused, turned her head and shot Qian Ge a glance from the corner of her eye. “What did you just say to me? Admit defeat? That I’m not a match for you right now?”

Ji Yi’s eyes suddenly ran cold, and her tone was exceedingly calm as she said, “Qian Ge, if the car accident three years ago didn’t kill me, did you think that anything could stand in my way three years later?”

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