Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 672
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 672
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 672: You’re the Joy of my Adolescence, the Adolescent Who I Liked (12)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Rather than say “bumping into,” let’s just say that she was the one who saw He Jichen.

He was with a man she didn’t know, smoking and chatting in the smoking area at the end of the hallway. He didn’t even notice her, but as she emerged from the restroom, she caught sight of him with a glance.

She stared at him for a while. Before she could figure out if she wanted to say hello, she already cried his name: “He Jichen.”

She wasn’t loud, but the hallway was extremely quiet – quiet enough for him to hear.

He and the person next to him heard her voice. Practically at the same time, he looked over at her and Tang Huahua.

From the surprised expression on his face, He Jichen probably never imagined he would bump into her. It wasn’t until the stranger turned his head and said something to He Jichen that he had an apologetic look on his face. It wasn’t clear what he quietly said, but the man put out his cigarette and left first to enter a nearby private room.

He Jichen took a hard drag on his cigarette first. Then he put it out in a nearby ashtray before walking over to Ji Yi.

When he stopped in front of Ji Yi and Tang Huahua, tipsy Tang Huahua realized it was He Jichen. She smiled and greeted him: “He Xuezhang.”

He Jichen nodded at Tang Huahua in a polite yet conceited manner. Then he looked over at Ji Yi. “Out to have fun?”

“Mhm,” responded Ji Yi. But before she could speak, Tang Huahua added, “He Xuezhang, did you know that Xiao Yi took the microphone and sang eight hundred times just now…”

Before Tang Huahua could finish, Ji Yi reached her hand out and smacked her, preventing her from revealing her song choice – “Within Your Radius.” “Huahua, didn’t you need to go to the restroom? Hurry and go.”

As she said this, Ji Yi didn’t give Tang Huahua a chance to react and pushed her back into the restroom again.

Ji Yi slammed the door, took two steps towards He Jichen and explained, “Huahua drank too much…”

He Jichen nodded slightly and let out a quiet “Mhm.”

Ji Yi: “Are you here with friends tonight or for business?”

He Jichen: “Business.”

“You’re still so busy these days?”


She always had a lot to say whenever she saw him and today was no exception. However, as the words entered her head, Ji Yi swallowed her feminine little complaints.

She looked at him for some time then resorted to talking business. “I signed the contract Chen Bai gave me.”

“Mhm,” responded He Jichen. After a long time, he added, “Chen Bai told me.”

“I sent it to Chen Bai this afternoon. You should receive it in a day since we’re in the same city. Chen Bai’s probably already received it.”

He Jichen kept his head down and gently nodded without making a sound.

He Jichen’s reaction left Ji Yi at a loss for words. She stood in front of him for a while but seeing how motionless he was, her eyes started to feel sore. She was scared of crying in front of him, so she pointed to the restroom beside her. “I’ll go and check on Huahua.”

Without waiting for He Jichen to respond, Ji Yi turned around and bolted into the restroom.

As the doors shut with a “Bam,” He Jichen’s body trembled for a moment. He quickly lifted his head and glanced over in the direction of the restroom. Then he turned away and looked out of the window at the end of the hallway.

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