Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 678
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 678
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 678: You’re the Joy of my Adolescence, the Adolescent Who I Liked (18)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It was a non-smoking hotel, but to accommodate smokers, there was a smoking area between the restaurant and escalators.

After dinner, the execs must’ve been craving for a cigarette as they didn’t rush upstairs to rest but headed straight for the smoking area together.

They stood in front of the window with their backs to the hallway, so no one noticed Ji Yi passing by.

The door to the smoking area wasn’t closed and several people inside were chatting rather loudly.

With their voices alone, Ji Yi could tell who they were.

Just as she was thinking about walking by, she heard the assistant director’s voice: “Oh yeah, did you guys hear? Mr. He seems to have left Beijing.”

“I vaguely heard about it earlier, but there are plenty of those kinds of rumors going around, so I figured it was fake. After all, YC has been doing well the past two years.” The person who replied was a runner.

“It’s not fake – it’s real. I saw assistant Chen the other day who confirmed that Mr. He left Beijing.” This time, Ji Yi was most familiar with the person who spoke – it was the casting director. He was the person who signed her for “Three Thousand Lunatics.”

Later, she learned that he worked for He Jichen and was quite close to Chen Bai in private, so what he said was certain to be true.

Which meant He Jichen really did leave Beijing?

Ji Yi’s heart suddenly stopped beating and she slowly took two steps forward then stopped.

“With Mr. He gone, who’s in charge of YC?”

“Probably the vice president?”

“But now that you mention it, it’s normal for Mr. He to leave Beijing. His family’s business empire is so powerful. If I were him, I would also consider leaving Beijing to take over the family business.”

“He may not be taking over the family business. I heard that after Mr. He left, assistant Chen seemed to have also left.”

“Their relationship has always been good; it’d be normal for assistant Chen to be with him…”

Ji Yi didn’t dare continue to listen. She hurriedly came back to her senses and quickly left the smoking area.

Once she stepped into the elevator, Ji Yi pulled out her phone despite the low battery and stared at the screen for a while. Then she found Chen Bai’s number and sent him a text.

“I heard He Jichen’s going to leave Beijing?”

Chen Bai was probably busy as he didn’t reply to Ji Yi’s message.

It wasn’t until after she grabbed her charger and met up with Zhuang Yi that she headed back to the set. Just as she was about to touch up her makeup, her phone vibrated.

Chen Bai replied to her with just one word: “Yeah.”

That one simple, easy-to-understand word pricked Ji Yi’s eyes and her fingers suddenly started to shiver, causing her phone to crash to the floor.

The makeup artist didn’t notice anything off with Ji Yi. She figured she must’ve not held her phone tightly and accidentally dropped it. She half-jokingly said, “Yi Jie, are you in a hurry to change your phone?”

Ji Yi couldn’t smile at all. The corners of her mouth twitched a little then she bent down and sat back in front of the vanity mirror.

Just as the makeup artist finished applying foundation and was looking for a lip color, Ji Yi put her head down and tapped the phone a few times. “Will you go with him?”

“It’s hard to say.” This time, Chen Bai replied quickly. Just as Ji Yi finished reading those four words, another message popped up on the screen. “I might also go to another company.”

So, the reality of He Jichen leaving Beijing is confirmed…

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