Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 682
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 682
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 682: You’re the Joy of my Adolescence, the Adolescent Who I Liked (22)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi didn’t know just how long she endured this pain for; all she knew was that when she slowly came back to her senses, her room was already pitch black.

She reached for her phone and glanced at the time.

It was nine in the evening.

After she came back from the studio, she actually laid in bed for almost six hours.

At this time, the hotel restaurant was closed. She hadn’t had dinner and she had work the next day. If any problems came up because of her hunger, that would delay production.

With that thought, Ji Yi reached out, turned on the lights, then climbed out of bed. She found her purse and left the hotel.

After entering the hotel supermarket, Ji Yi picked out two buns. When she went to pay, she happened to pass by the alcohol section. She hesitated for a moment then crouched down and picked up a tasty beer she tried before. In the heat of the moment, she went back and grabbed a dozen bottles.

Back at the hotel room, Ji Yi tore into the buns. Without tasting a thing, she ate until she was full. Then she opened a bottle of beer. As she sat on the wooden floors in front of the tall windows, she stared out at the night sky, drinking on her own.

The room was very quiet. Aside from the sound of her chugging beer, nothing else could be heard.

The still atmosphere made Ji Yi feel quite stifled. She reached around for her phone on the ground, tapped a music app, and randomly picked a song.

While listening to music, Ji Yi drank one bottle after another.

She figured she could sleep well if she got drunk, but who knew that the more she drank, the sadder she would feel?

Eventually, tears crashed down from her eyes as she drank.

She wasn’t sure how many songs played from her playlist when all of a sudden, a familiar melody started to play.

Ji Yi stopped drinking then heard He Jichen’s voice coming out from her phone.

“It honestly feels like a good thing that doesn’t have to be promised. I thought I could let you do what you want. Besides, I have nowhere to go.”

This was the audio clip Tang Huahua recorded and sent to her a few days ago. Tang Huahua was organizing her phone when she incidentally came across the clip she recorded on Ji Yi’s birthday last year.

After Tang Huahua sent it to her, she saved it to her phone.

Ji Yi had been feeling so down about him lately and was afraid she’d lose herself, so she hadn’t dared to listen to it. She never imagined that this song would come up today after she randomly put on a playlist.

“I would rather stay within your radius. At least I can feel your happiness and sadness…”

When Ji Yi heard this, her momentarily-halted tears started to pour out again.

He Jichen, do you know? Right now, I identify so strongly with the lyrics of this song. I want to keep you within my radius. It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me, and it’s fine if we never speak again as long as I can see you every now and then from afar. But you’re leaving Beijing now, so I can’t even hope for that…

“You can choose to love me or not; I am still yours no matter what. Because I love you, so it has nothing to do with you…”

Ji Yi couldn’t listen anymore. She quickly swiped on her phone and stopped the music.

She gripped her phone tightly as her body couldn’t help but tremble. She started to sob quietly.

Stunned for two seconds, she realized a sound was coming from her phone. She looked over at it and realized that while she was clutching onto her phone, her fingers accidentally made a call…

With that thought, Ji Yi glanced at the screen.

She just saw the three words “He Jichen” and had no time to react before his crisp voice came out from the phone: “Xiao Yi?”

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