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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 693
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 693: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi’s fingers trembled over those five words and realized how familiar He Jichen’s manner of speech was.

This time, He Jichen didn’t stop at all but added another word under his breath. “Goodbye.”

Goodbye… Is he going to leave?

Goodbye… Does that mean we aren’t going to see each other again?

It felt like a large hand was brutally clutching Ji Yi’s heart as she suddenly winced in pain.

Yeah, it’s about time we said goodbye… He’s already a married man and I’m divorced from his older brother. The two of us are separated by a long and difficult path. If we hadn’t been drunk and I hadn’t drunkenly messed with him, last night never would’ve happened…

She already committed a great sin because of her drinking, so even if she couldn’t bear to say goodbye, she had no choice but to do it. This was the kind of goodbye where they would never see each other again.

They hadn’t parted yet, but the thought of it made Ji Yi’s eyes heat up.

Her fingers tightly clutched the bedding once more. She was afraid to suddenly cry and afraid for him to find out she was just pretending to be asleep.

Having said goodbye, He Jichen stared deeply at Ji Yi, who had a soft look on her face as she slept peacefully. He stayed like that for a while, as though he was trying hard to imprint her in his memory. Then he slowly lowered his head and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

The warmth of his soft lips between her brows lingered for a second before it dissipated.

When he pulled away from her face, Ji Yi heard an extremely faint sigh. Just when Ji Yi thought she was hallucinating, he abruptly and swiftly removed the covers and got out of bed.

His movements made Ji Yi suddenly remember something that happened in the past.

On the first Chinese New Year after she and He Jichen reunited, they got into an argument over a misunderstanding because of Lin Zhengyi. On the first day of school after Chinese new year, she went to a party with Bo He and Tang Huahua at the hot pot restaurant opposite the school, where she happened to sit at the same table as him.

That day, they didn’t speak to each other and he left early. Then the waiter went upstairs and told them that the wishing bell was going to ring.

Purely to join in on the fun, everyone in the building went down. When the lights went out, the wishing bell rang for five seconds and someone stole a kiss from her.

Before that person let go of her, he kissed the center of her brows. Then, as though he regretted that their time together was so short, he let out a soft sigh and swiftly left her.

That whole scenario was the same as what He Jichen just did. What’s more, the man who secretly kissed her even left by saying, “Actually I’m really not so bad. Do you want to try to fall in love with me?”

At that memory, Ji Yi couldn’t help but curl her body under the sheets.

It was no wonder she thought He Jichen sounded familiar when he spoke as he exhaled. S-so that night, in front of the wishing bell… he was the one who stole a kiss from me.

He even said those words to me… Did that mean he actually liked me a little back then?

But… But I realized it too late… He’s already married to the Cola Girl he loved deeply when he was younger. Later, I also fell for He Yuguang after reuniting with him again…

If I knew it was him that day, then maybe… maybe we wouldn’t have come to this end.

Ji Yi didn’t open her eyes but from the sounds of it, she could tell He Jichen had stepped into the bathroom.

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