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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 695
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 695: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He closed the door to Ji Yi’s room and quickly walked over to the elevator. He pressed the button, stepped in, and headed down to the first floor. As he emerged from the elevators, he took big strides to the hotel lobby… This series of actions was done in one breath.

On his journey, he didn’t dare to relax at all, nor did he dare to slow down in the slightest in fear that he would suddenly crumble after making such a difficult decision. He was afraid he’d turn around and run back to her hotel room and be with her, disregard everything and not care about any consequences whatsoever.

So, all he could do was continue to force himself to walk on and stay as far as possible from her. By the time he simply had no more strength left and stopped walking, he was already far away from the hotel.

The sky had just turned light, the streets were empty, and only one or two people passed by.

He Jichen had his back to the hotel like a statue. After standing for quite some time, he slowly turned his head and looked over the towering hotel building.

Last night, he was selfish. He acted on his impulses and took advantage of her while she was drunk and unconscious.

This was the third night they spent together and he was afraid it would also be their final night together. Because of this, he let himself be selfish one last time.

I wanted to disregard everything, hold your hand and stay with you till the end, but I can only be with you up to this point.

Ji Yi, I wish you all the best. I’m fine.

Ji Yi, I wish you all the best. Without you, I really can’t live.

Ji Yi, from here on out, I won’t look for you far and wide, nor will I wait for you. I’ll just love you.

Ji Yi, that girl I used to call “Cola Girl” when I was young. Goodbye.

A gust of wind blew into He Jichen’s eyes. It wasn’t a sandstorm, but a hint of redness appeared in his eyes.

He stared unwaveringly at the hotel building for a really long time, until the sun rose. As his shadow grew longer, he finally withdrew his gaze, hailed a cab and left Hengdian.

What happened that night didn’t change Ji Yi and He Jichen’s relationship. The two of them acted as though they never met up and they didn’t keep in contact.

What happened that night didn’t cause any major trouble for Ji Yi’s life. After crying bitterly, she walked into the bathroom and took a thorough shower. She applied her skincare then went downstairs to have breakfast as usual. After eating, she went on set, did her makeup, and waited to shoot her scenes.

She wasn’t as distracted as she was yesterday afternoon. In contrast, she was particularly in character and was able to memorize every single line with no problem. To the director’s surprise, she was able to grasp the emotions very well; she was even able to act out the scenes with breathtaking detail.

Three days later, “Jiuchong Palace” finished filming.

The end-of-production party was set for the day after at the China World Hotel, Beijing.

Ji Yi took an overnight flight back to Beijing the day they finished filming.

She didn’t go back to school or go back home because it was really late. Instead, she headed straight for the China World Hotel, Beijing and booked a room with Zhuang Yi.

Ji Yi fell asleep at four in the morning, so when she woke up, it was already two in the afternoon.

She ate some food then took a short break. She showered and applied her makeup for the end-of-production party at seven in the evening.

“Jiochong Palace” was YC’s release, so Ji Yi thought she’d bump into He Jichen at the party, but she never thought YC’s vice president would be there instead.

Midway through the party, Ji Yi didn’t manage to see He Jichen but she did hear some news about him.

He Jichen booked a flight to America for the next day.

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