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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 696
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 696: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The flight was booked in a hurry for ten in the afternoon. It was a one-way ticket, not a return.

What’s more, he handed in all his work to YC two days ago.

So… after He Jichen leaves Beijing, he’ll go to America for some time but as for his return date… it’s undetermined?

Ji Yi was enjoying a tall glass of red wine while in casual conversation with someone when she accidentally overheard someone mentioning this. Her heart instantly started to feel an indescribable sense of panic.

She knew he was going to leave, but she never thought he would actually leave in such a hurry. It’d only been a few days since she heard the news and just three or four days since they parted that night…

“Miss Ji? Miss Ji?” cried someone repeatedly.

Ji Yi snapped out of her daze and realized that the VP of Huan Ying Entertainment was introducing her to his business partners. Before she could greet them, she fell into a daydream thinking about He Jichen.

Ji Yi hurriedly cleared up the confusion on her mind and forced an apologetic smile to the person calling her. Then she pushed her wine glass forward and said, “Hello, Mr. Liang. My apologies for earlier.”

“Don’t worry. I hope we will get the opportunity to work with Miss Ji in the future.” Mr. Liang didn’t seem to mind as he smiled and clinked glasses with Ji Yi.

“Absolutely, absolutely.” Ji Yi put the wine glass to her lips and took a sip then continued to casually chat with the group.

In contrast to before, Ji Yi didn’t seem so distracted. Every now and then, she heard snippets of other people’s conversations. Sometimes, she still zoned out and her gaze would fixate on one area.

Ji Yi knew that with her current state of mind, it wasn’t best for her to continue socializing with others, so she found a right time to excuse herself to go to the restroom and left the party.

Ji Yi didn’t go to the restroom but took the elevator and headed straight upstairs.

When Ji Yi returned to her hotel room, she slumped back against the wooden door behind her and sat on the floor.

Since the night he left her in that room in Hengdian, she’d been forcing herself not to think about him. She’d been doing her best to focus on other areas.

However, when she randomly heard news about his departure tonight, Ji Yi instantly felt utterly defeated after several days of hard work to stay strong.

They were going to part eventually, but when it was time for it to really happen, she realized she simply couldn’t take it…

Ji Yi held the pain in her chest and buried her head between her knees.

While washing her hands after using the toilet, Ji Yi removed her watch from around her wrist and casually glanced at the time.

It was already ten in the evening.

There were twelve whole hours until He Jichen had to board a plane to leave Beijing…

Which meant that in twelve hours, they would no longer be in the same city. Between them, things would be just like they were four years ago. They would be in different cities, living lives that had absolutely nothing to do with one another…

With that thought, the pain in Ji Yi’s chest couldn’t help but make her arch her body, letting a single tear fall into the sink below.

She silently stared at the fallen tear for a while then suddenly reached out and removed her dress. After turning on the tap, she pulled out some makeup remover and quickly washed her face.

She used a towel to frantically dry her hair. She changed into a pair of leggings and a white t-shirt, grabbed her purse and sunglasses then hurriedly exited the hotel.

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