Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 71
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 71
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 71: Missing the Days When We Were Young (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen just about had his emotions under control, but when he heard the five words “your brother He Yuguang”, his body trembled violently for a moment. He was so stunned that his footsteps became a little erratic.

He continued to walk forward for a short distance before he came to a complete stop.

Because he had his back turned to Qian Ge and didn’t look back, Qian Ge couldn’t see the expression on his face. However, from his silhouette, she could feel the tension in his back, and the swaying strands of his hair told her that his whole body was trembling. He looked as though he was trying hard to suppress the raging emotions inside.

But soon enough, his mood lightened up like he hadn’t heard Qian Ge’s words at all as he lifted his foot again and left.

He Jichen hadn’t reached the gates of the film studios before he saw Ji Yi through his windshield. She was standing at the gates just before she got into a taxi.

The taxi doors swiftly closed and slowly drove off.

As it left the film studio gates, He Jichen stared in the direction of the taxi. He hesitated for a moment but finally gently stepped on the gas. He turned the steering wheel and chased after her.

The film studios were in the southern suburbs which required you to cut through most of Beijing. The roads weren’t quite clear in the afternoon, so traffic was unpredictable. When he reached the Second Ring Road, He Jichen saw Ji Yi’s car turn off the main road early. Ignoring the dissatisfied honking of the cars behind him, He Jichen suddenly stepped on the gas, turned the steering wheel and exited the main road too.

After about five minutes, He Jichen was able to guess Ji Yi’s destination.

As they drove through two old streets, He Jichen watched from a distance as the taxi actually stopped at the entrance of Nanluguxiang 1 .

After He Jichen parked the car nearby, Ji Yi’s taxi disappeared. He Jichen quickly walked into Nanluguxiang, looked fifty meters to his left and right and finally found Ji Yi.

He didn’t go over to bother her but kept a good distance.

In the afternoon, the sunshine was bright and warm, highlighting the true nature of the streets.

She hadn’t eaten since the end of the audition. She was probably hungry since she stopped to glance at the sign on the door of a Russian restaurant. After the waiter came out to invite her in, she averted her eyes, nodded at the waiter, and followed him inside.

He Jichen didn’t follow them in, but he leaned against a tree not too far from the restaurant and lit a cigarette.

After lighting his fifth cigarette, she finally came out. He instinctively hid behind the tree for a moment and waited until she walked quite a distance away before putting out the cigarette and following her.

She probably had a lot on her mind as she walked leisurely from Nanluguxiang headed towards Houhai 2 . Then, she started to aimlessly walk by the lake Houhai.

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