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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 710
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 710: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (20)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“She told Mr. He that as long as Mr. He stopped supporting you, she’d destroy the video.”

“Mr. He didn’t even give Qian Ge any room for negotiation and declined right away.”

“Qian Ge actually started to leak this video during the production of ‘Jiuchong Palace.’ Eventually, it became hard to contain, so all Mr. He could do was push to get many things completed quickly.”

“It was just as you described earlier – Mr. He was afraid to drag you down, so he sent you off to Huan Ying because he wasn’t sure if YC would be dragged down after the video got out.”

Huan Ying… Upon hearing those two words, Ji Yi suddenly remembered something she heard recently about Chen Bai also going to Huan Ying.

She suddenly understood something then spoke with trembling lips: “So, you’re going to go to Huan Ying too?”

Since she changed the subject rather quickly, Chen Bai paused for a moment then nodded.

“Did he set that up?”

Chen Bai hesitated for a few seconds then replied, “Yes, it was his idea.”

Yes, it was his idea…

Like a broken string of pearls, his flat response made the tears in Ji Yi’seyes crash down, one drop at a time.

So as it turned out, he betrayed her so many times behind her back. He couldn’t save himself, yet he still protected her and set out a future path for her to follow…

He was afraid of her being alone at Huan Ying as there wouldn’t be anyone to back her up if she ever suffered or if someone stole her resources or if she fell for someone’s schemes, so he asked Chen Bai to also go with her.

He left her, but he sent his most able, most trustworthy friend to stay with her.

The more Ji Yi thought about it, the more tears fell from her eyes.

Chen Bai didn’t say anything else but stood in front of Ji Yi for a short while then got up and walked into the study.

After about a minute, he emerged from the room to hand Ji Yi a document.

He stood there for a while before he handed Ji Yi the file. “Mr. He asked me to give this to you.”

Ji Yi looked over at Chen Bai in hesitation before taking it.

She opened the file to pull out a shares transfer agreement.

Why’s He Jichen giving me a shares transfer agreement?

Ji Yi raised her head in confusion and glanced at Chen Bai again. Then she carefully read the transfer agreement. When she read the name of the company, it felt like someone had hit her hard on the head; she was suddenly left stunned.

She was far too familiar with that company. It was the name she once made and the studio she started all on her own, which currently belonged to Qian Ge.

She always wanted to get the studio back, but she didn’t have much money and there was never a good time for her, so she only bought a very limited number of shares. She never imagined that He Jichen would possess so many stocks of Qian Ge’s studio.

“Mr. He said this studio is yours, so before he left, he thought of loads of ways and spent a lot of money to help you buy all these shares. You aren’t the biggest shareholder now, but don’t worry. Mr. He and Mr. Han have taken care of it. In the future, Mr. Han will also help you.”

It didn’t seem as though Ji Yi was listening to Chen Bai. All she did was stare transfixed at the file.

The room fell silent.

After who knew how long, Ji Yi’s voice came pouring out: “He didn’t lie to me. He’s never lied to me…”

As she said this, the paper in her hands started to tremble softly.

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