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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 715
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 715: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (25)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

I really am slow. Back then, how could I not have noticed anything weird or noticed that he was saying goodbye?

Ji Yi barely touched the table full of dishes.

She sat there from the time there was no one in the restaurant until the restaurant was full of people and continued sitting there until it was empty again. She never showed any signs of leaving.

As time gradually went by, it was three in the afternoon when Ji Yi’s phone suddenly lit up.

It was Tang Huahua calling.

Ji Yi let it ring for a while then grabbed her phone, swiped the screen and took the call.

“Xiao Yi…” Tang Huahua’s voice sounded hesitant over the phone. After she called Ji Yi’s name, she fell silent.

Having just cried, Ji Yi didn’t really want to talk, so she quietly waited with her phone raised to her ear.

After almost a minute, Tang Huahua’s weak voice was heard over the phone: “…Check out Weibo. Th-That…That person you hate the most. She… She’s holding a press conference right now…”

The person I hate the most… Those six words lingered on Ji Yi’s mind for a few seconds before she realized who Tang Huahua was talking about.

She didn’t reply to Tang Huahua but hung up right away and opened Weibo.

It was just as Tang Huahua said – Weibo was promoting Qian Ge’s press conference.

Ji Yi wasn’t watching it from the beginning; she played the live coverage which was around ten minutes in. Qian Ge was wearing a simple outfit with no makeup. She looked pale, worse for the wear and she was crying.

As she cried, she said, “I know I framed Miss Ji Yi for copying my performance; what I did was over the line. After that incident, I felt truly guilty to the point where I couldn’t sleep for a long time.”

“Here, in front of everyone, I deeply apologize to Miss Ji Yi.”

As she said this, Qian Ge got up and bowed deeply towards the camera.

After she sat down, she grabbed the microphone and continued, “I know Miss Ji Yi will never forgive me because I caused so many people to curse at her.”

“But I truly, truly do feel guilty. During my break, I have tried everything to make it up to Miss Ji Yi, so I’ve been donating money to impoverished children in the mountainous areas every month under her name.”

As Qian Ge’s voice fell, many photos of her charitable donations appeared on the big screen behind her.

“Maybe to Miss Ji Yi, she didn’t need this apology, but to me, I had to do something because my conscience was uneasy.”

“As for hurting Miss Ji Yi, I don’t want to try to justify myself. I made a mistake, so I was wrong.”

“Today, I wanted to say that I wasn’t trying to beat down rookies and I’m not afraid of Miss Ji Yi beating me down.”

“I only treated her like that because she’s an artist at YC. The person I hate is He Jichen, the previous CEO of YC.”

“If that video of He Jichen and me hadn’t been leaked online two months ago, I would’ve liked to avoid thinking about that incident.”

“Mr. He Jichen and I were classmates from senior high. Back then, I really, really liked him.”

“I admit that I was young, foolish, and reckless. I liked him and pestered him. I pestered him in so many ways. Back then, maybe I pestered him too far and it affected his life and his love life which was how we got into such unpleasant arguments.”

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