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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 716
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 716: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (26)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Even though Qian Ge was very vague about what she meant about the arguments, news of her attempted murder got everyone talking, so everyone knew what she was referring to.

Of course, that included Ji Yi.

But when Ji Yi heard her say this, she didn’t continue listening to what she had to say. Instead, she suddenly thought of a very important question.

How did the argument with Qian Ge happen? And why did it happen?

She didn’t care if everyone was persuaded by Qian Ge and believed her. Deep down, she was certain that it definitely didn’t happen as Qian Ge described it. She liked He Jichen, so she pestered him and that argument happened as a result?

After what happened, she only cared about the pain and sadness and actually neglected the most important point!

Ji Yi thought about it, immediately closed Weibo and called Zhuang Yi.

Zhuang Yi was worried about her, so she’d been waiting for Ji Yi’s call. As soon as the call came through, she picked it up before the first ring was heard. “Xiao Yi, where are you right now? Did you get home…”

Ji Yi didn’t wait for Zhuang Yi to finish as she interrupted her. “Zhuang Yi, do you know where Qian Ge’s press conference is being held?”

“I can ask around. Just wait a moment…”

Zhuang Yi’s voice gradually got quieter, so Ji Yi knew she must’ve lowered the phone from her ear.

Ji Yi wasn’t in a hurry to speak, so she patiently waited for half a minute until Zhuang Yi’s voice was heard again: “…At Kaiyuan Building.”

Ji Yi heard those four words and immediately reached out to call the waiter for the bill.

Having told Ji Yi the address, Zhuang Yi sensed something was wrong and immediately asked, “Xiao Yi, why did you ask this?”

“No reason.” As Ji Yi replied to Zhuang Yi, she swept a glance at the bill. Once she confirmed there was no problem, she handed the waiter her card, entered her pin, and signed.

She took her card back and got her things together. When she picked up her handbag, an idea came to mind then she told Zhuang Yi, “Oh yeah! Ask the make-up artist to drop by my place.”

“Make-up artist?” asked Zhuang Yi curiously. “Xiao Yi, you’re going out?”

“Yes.” Ji Yi walked out of the Thai restaurant, hailed a cab, and gave the driver her address.

Zhuang Yi had been working for Ji Yi for a long time now, so she knew her well. As she thought back to how she asked for the address of Qian Ge’s press conference, she immediately asked, “Xiao Yi, are you going to see Qian Ge?”

Ji Yi let out a soft “Mhm.” She didn’t wait for Zhuang Yi to try to persuade her to stop and hung up the phone.

That’s right. I’m going to find Qian Ge because I have something important to ask her!

Soon after she came home, the make-up artist Ji Yi called over arrived. However, with her was also Zhuang Yi.

Throughout Ji Yi’s make-up process, Zhuang Yi endlessly tried to persuade Ji Yi not to go see Qian Ge.

Ji Yi didn’t say a word until after her make-up was done. She pointed out a dress from the selection of clothes presented by the make-up artist. “That one.”

Seeing Zhuang Yi as couldn’t stop her, all she could do was go with Ji Yi.

On the road to the Kaiyuan Building, Ji Yi received several voice notes from Tang Huahua.

“Oh sh*t, I’ve never seen such a b*tch cry cry cry from start to end at a press conference before!”

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