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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 718
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 718: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (28)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The second Ji Yi finished speaking, Qian Ge’s manager immediately asked, “Sorry, please leave.”

Ji Yi ignored the manager and looked right into Qian Ge’s eyes. She continued to ask, “When did the incident in the video happen?”

Qian Ge’s manager saw that Ji Yi was ignoring her and repeated, “Excuse me, please leave!”

Ji Yi pretended she didn’t hear what she said and continued to stare at Qian Ge. The reason why Ji Yi came was to ask, “Why did it happen?”

“During the briefing, Qian Ge already explained it clearly. If you didn’t understand it, please rewatch the briefing online. If you don’t leave, I’ll have to call sec-”

Qian Ge’s manager was cut off when Ji Yi suddenly turned and stared at her. “Quit pretending to be all polite. If what Qian Ge said was true, I wouldn’t be here!”

Qian Ge’s manager turned red in the face and retorted, “You…” Ever since Ji Yi entered the room, Qian Ge hadn’t said a single world until now: “All of you, leave.”

Qian Ge’s manager looked like she disagreed completely. “Qian Jie…”

“Get out!” Qian Ge didn’t wait for her to finish what she was going to say.

Qian Ge’s manager’s lips quivered silently as she hesitated for some time. Then she looked visibly worried as she glanced at Ji Yi, shot a look at the assistant and walked out of the conference room with her.

After their own people left, Qian Ge wasn’t in a hurry to speak and glared at Zhuang Yi, who was standing behind Ji Yi.

Ji Yi didn’t wait for a signal from Qian Ge and shot Zhuang Yi a look.

Although Ji Yi hadn’t uttered a single word, Zhuang Yi understood what she meant and silently turned to walk out of the conference room.

After the doors shut behind Zhuang Yi, the only two people left in the large room was Ji Yi and Qian Ge.

Qian Ge raised her chin up at the sofa as a signal for Ji Yi to take a seat.

Ji Yi stood in her place with her eyes glued to Qian Ge and waited for her to finish.

Qian Ge looked calm under Ji Yi’s gaze. After picking up her water bottle from the table and taking a few gulps, her eyes fell to the watch on Ji Yi’s wrist.

In under a second, Ji Yi understood what Qian Ge meant. Without hesitation, she removed the watch on her wrist and threw it in front of Qian Ge. Then she pulled out her photo from her handbag and chucked it at Qian Ge. “I don’t have anything on me. You can talk now.”

Qian Ge picked up Ji Yi’s watch and scanned it up and down to make sure it wasn’t recording. Then she curved the pale lips she had drawn on just for the press conference. “Even if you didn’t come to see me today, I would’ve looked for you.”

“Ji Yi, since He Jichen ruined me on TV to the point of no return, do you know just how long I’ve waited for today? ”

“One hundred and forty-six whole days!” exclaimed Qian Ge with hatred sewn into every word. “In the past one hundred and forty-six days, I’ve dreamt about this very moment!”

“You’re right! I was the one who leaked that video about He Jichen!”

“He was cussed out and left Beijing because of that video!”

“But did you really think I was the one who forced him to take this step?”

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