Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 720
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 720
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 720: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (30)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“After doing all those sick things, quit trying to shift the blame onto me!”

“Shift the blame?” Qian Ge finally came back to her senses from Ji Yi’s slaps. She raised her head and glared at Ji Yi as she retaliated, “If he didn’t insist on protecting you, would he have been completely defeated by me?”

“You dare say you’ve got nothing to do with it?”

“I never wanted to hurt him. He was the one who had to piss me off time and time again for you!”

“Since I can’t have him, I’m going to destroy you!”

“Now that I’ve forced him to leave, you can’t have him and I can’t have him – we both can’t have him. Now that he has to bear an ugly mark on his reputation like this, it’s impossible for him to return to your side. I know him too well. He’s afraid, more than anyone, to tarnish your reputation…”

As Qian Ge said this, a satisfying feeling permeated from her bones. “…This is great! In my lifetime, I can’t be happy without him, but without you, he can forget about being happy too!”

Ji Yi slapped Qian Ge hard on the face again.

Having been slapped a few consecutive times, Qian Ge suddenly jumped up from the sofa and reached out to hit Ji Yi back.

Ji Yi predicted she would react that way because before Qian Ge could raise her hand, Ji Yi already grabbed her wrist and slapped her several more times. Ji Yi didn’t stop until her face was all red.

Because she was mad, Ji Yi grabbed Qian Ge’s wrist even more tightly then she cried in a trembling voice, “Qian Ge, you’re wrong!”

“If you hadn’t brought up this crazy mess this time, I probably never could’ve been with He Jichen!”

“But because of you, I finally found out just how many things he’s done for me behind my back and you’ve changed my opinion on him!”

“Yes, I don’t know where he is right now and yes, maybe he doesn’t want to be with me right now! But Qian Ge, I’m willing to wait and I’m willing to look for him. As long as I bump into him one day, I’ll be with him without a second thought. Even if his reputation is in ruins and even if we might get hated on for being together, it doesn’t matter. I don’t care!”

“Speaking of which, Qian Ge, you drove him away from me, but you also brought him to me!”

“You’re truly pitiful. You had everything planned out, but all you could do was watch as the man you loved be with another woman!”

“So, Qian Ge, I came over today to 1. get an answer, 2. hit you, and 3. thank you!”

After she said this, Ji Yi shoved Qian Ge’s angry, teeth-gritting face away and bent over on the sofa to pick up her things. Then she turned on her heels and walked over to the conference room door with flare.

When she pulled open the door, Zhuang Yi, Chen Bai, and Han Zhifan came into view.

The three of them practically rushed over to her at the same time.

The first to speak out was Chen Bai: “Miss Ji, are you okay?”

Ji Yi didn’t reply but stared at Chen Bai and Han Zhifan with furrowed brows.

Zhuang Yi explained in a quiet voice, “I called them. I was afraid you were being bullied in there. Mr. He especially ordered me to call assistant Chen and Mr. Han if you ever bumped into Qian Ge…”

Mr. He especially ordered me to…

Those few words made the fury coursing through Ji Yi’s entire body instantly disappear.

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