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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 726
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 726: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (36)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After dinner, Ji Yi called He Yuguang again but to her complete confusion, it was still turned off.

Even if He Yuguang changed his number, his WeChat account should still be active, right…

Though they hadn’t spoken for almost a year, she still knew him pretty well. He would never go a day without his phone.

In the evening at their dorm room, Tang Huahua asked Ji Yi to play some games, but since she was distracted by things on her mind, she lost three whole rounds. Completely flustered, Ji Yi was no longer in the mood to play and told Tang Huahua she wasn’t going to play anymore. She tossed her phone aside and walked out of the dorm.

When she came back, it was already bedtime.

As Ji Yi reached for her phone while laying in bed, her fingers touched the pouch she put under her pillow last night.

Her fingers trembled then she stared up at the ceiling for a while.

It was no plan to just continue waiting for Yuguang Ge’s reply.

After all, He Jichen ended up like this today only because of her…

With that thought, Ji Yi quickly reached for her phone and booked a flight to Sucheng for early the next morning.

Maybe it was because she was finally taking action and personally taking a trip to Sucheng, but Ji Yi slept easier that night compared to the night before.

Before it was even six in the morning, her phone rang and woke her up.

Her flight was for half past eight. She didn’t want to be late so she bolted out of bed and quickly packed her suitcase. Then she grabbed her phone to call a cab as she walked out of the dorm room.

At eight on the dot, Ji Yi was on the plane to Sucheng.

At half past eight, the plane took off.

Two hours later, the plane safely landed at Sucheng’s international airport.

As Ji Yi came out of the airport, she lined up for a taxi then gave the driver the He family’s home address.

So many years had passed. Coming back to Sucheng, she realized that the city had changed significantly. The roads were wider and the buildings were taller. However, there were loads of areas she could still recognize from past memories, so she didn’t feel too much of a stranger. After passing by some places, she was still able to accurately name some streets.

The airport was pretty far from the He family’s estate, so it took a whole hour to reach the place Ji Yi spent many years of her adolescence in.

She noticed many years had passed as Sucheng’s grandest residential area now looked a little old.

Ji Yi stood at the gates and stared up at the familiar block of flats as if time had suddenly turned back to the time she studied there. It deeply moved her for a moment before she strode into the residential area.

Although it had been many years since she visited, Ji Yi could shut her eyes and still be able to find the front door to the He family’s estate.

Before she reached their door, Ji Yi walked past her grandma’s door first.

After her grandma passed away, her parents sold the apartment because they had no relatives in Sucheng. Now, the memory of her grandma was no longer there as another family moved in and the apartment was refurbished. However, Ji Yi still stared at the second floor for quite some time before walking over to the He family’s front door.

The He family’s home had also been completely renovated.

The front gates were changed. The fence was no longer wooden, but the large plot of sunflowers in the courtyard was still there. The swings she loved when she was younger were still there and the grape vines were thicker and denser since the year she left Sucheng.

Through the fence, Ji Yi stared at the courtyard for a long time before she reached out to press the doorbell.

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