Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 728
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 728
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 728: He Jichen is……He Yuguang (38)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi appeared to not have heard what the housekeeper said and continued to ask, “You said, this jade belongs to He Jichen?”

Before the housekeeper could finish, she realized Ji Yi got it wrong and hurriedly said, “Yeah, that jade belongs to the young master. Everyone in the He family knows this…”

This jade belongs to He Jichen…

If this jade belongs to He Jichen, then the person who visited me every month in the hospital for three years while I was in a coma was actually… him?

If this jade belongs to He Jichen, why would He Yuguang have this jade on him when he rushed over to Lijiang overnight because of my sprained ankle?

Ji Yi felt herself slipping into a giant maze of doubts as her chaotic mind couldn’t comprehend this.

She spent a lot of energy forcing her mind to understand it. “Is this one of a kind?”

“Of course, only one. It’s an antique. On madam’s birthday, she mentioned that the jade was once worn by the emperor of the Qing dynasty!”

The housekeeper was clearly showing off proudly.

Why would Ji Yi care that it was once worn by an emperor? Her mind was filled with the thought of the jade belonging to He Jichen. Then who was the man at the Lijiang hotel back then?

“What’s more, this jade was a gift to the young master from madam herself on his first birthday. She said it was like a protective charm…”

The housekeeper continued to go on, but as she went on, she heard Ji Yi muttering to herself: “What’s going on? Just what the hell is going on?”

The more Ji Yi muttered, the more agitated her tone of voice became.

The housekeeper sounded worried and nervous. “Miss, what’s wrong?”

Ji Yi was deep in thought but didn’t reply to the housekeeper. She continued to mutter, “Who the hell was it? In the end, who was it? Who was it that day?”

“Miss, Miss!” The housekeeper raised her voice.

She cried several times, but Ji Yi was transfixed and continued to ignore her. Then the housekeeper quickly shut the door behind her and walked over to Ji Yi, tapping her shoulder to try to wake her up.

Just as the housekeeper’s hand landed on Ji Yi’s shoulder, a car drove in and stopped next to the two of them.

The car door opened and an elegant middle-aged woman stepped out. She didn’t take a good look at Ji Yi, but she swept a look over at the housekeeper and said, “Xiao Hong, did you prepare the items for the anniversary of Yuguang’s death?”

The housekeeper heard someone calling her, so she immediately turned her head and cried, “Madam.” Then she obediently replied, “They’re all ready.”

The housekeeper’s hand startled Ji Yi. The next second, the words “anniversary of Yuguang’s death” sank in.

The anniversary of Yuguang’s death… Yuguang… anniversary… death…

Those five words drifted repeatedly in Ji Yi’s mind for a while then she slowly turned her head and looked over at the person who spoke.

“Madam, are you going to see master now? If you are, I’ll go grab them for you now…” added the housekeeper to Mrs. He.

The moment after she said this, Ji Yi happened to turn her head to look over at Mrs. He.

Mrs. He was about to nod at the housekeeper when her eyes suddenly met Ji Yi’s eyes. Then she suddenly stopped and turned to look over at Ji Yi.

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