Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 73
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 73
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 73: Missing the Days When We Were Young (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It was still early, so there was barely anyone at the bar. Aside from the man singing and playing the guitar, there were no other sounds.

He Jichen and Ji Yi sat back-to-back for who knows how long, while a woman replaced the male singer.

She had a great voice. She spoke sweetly through the mic to test the sound, then she started to sing an old song.

When she sang the words, “I miss the unspoken, I miss the dreams we had, I miss the impulse of loving you after an argument”, He Jichen turned his head and glanced over at Ji Yi.

She looked like she was lost in her own thoughts, listening to the song. The candlelight highlighted her beauty. From her silence, He Jichen felt a vague hint of nostalgia as he thought to himself.

Do I miss anything? What’s my most cherished memory? And what memories do I cherish the most?

He Jichen wondered for quite some time before the answer slowly came to mind: “I miss the days when we were young.”

He missed the days when they were young together.

Those years were the most glorious years of his life.

“I miss the silent words, I miss the dreams we had, I miss the…” When the sweet lyrics rang in his ears again, he directed his eyes slowly at the candlelight on the table in front of him. As the light danced and glistened in his eyes, he felt like time had reversed to the distant… distant past.

He Jichen had a rather long rebellious period, but he didn’t do it to show off nor was he trying to be cool. He had a rebellious streak because of his older brother He Yuguang.

Everyone said he was the older brother, but He Yuguang was born only a minute earlier.

He Jichen and He Yuguang were identical twins. Even their own parents had to use their clothes to distinguish between the two, so it was extremely difficult for outsiders to tell them apart.

They were both children from the He family, yet their destinies were polar opposites.

From a young age, He Jichen was always healthy, but He Yuhuang was weak, often sick, and not to mention, he was born mute.

The doctors’ explanation was that during the pregnancy, one twin hoarded most of the nutrients, leaving the other twin with a nutrient deficiency.

The doctor even said it’d be difficult for He Yuguang to live past twenty years old.

So, while He Jichen spent his childhood under the sun growing up with kids from school, He Yuguang spent his childhood in the hospital and studied with a home tutor their parents hired.

Because of He Yuguang’s condition, it meant He Jichen was the only one who could take over He Enterprises, so the members of the He family more or less preferred him.

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