Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 733
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 733
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 733: As It Turns Out, She’s Cola Girl (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She always blamed herself and felt guilty for liking two men at the same time.

And she was also bewildered because love was supposed to be between two people. How could she have fallen for two people at the same time?

Now, the truth was out and she finally understood. She wasn’t fickle or half-hearted – “Yuguang Ge” and He Jichen were the same person. Even though he swapped identities, he moved her soul.

So He Jichen was the one who gave her all the warmth and happiness she felt for over a year since she woke up.

Why did he have to do that?

Didn’t he say he liked Cola Girl?

Didn’t he say that he liked Cola Girl so much that if he stared at her too long, he would want to embrace her?

Since he likes Cola Girl, why did he still treat me so well then? Why did he pretend to be Yuguang Ge and marry me?

Ji Yi was never the type to shower someone who wasn’t interested with affection, especially when it came to He Jichen. She loved him, but she’d never felt confident and felt inferior. However, at this very moment, as those questions flashed across her mind, another daring speculation came to mind: I can’t be… Cola Girl, right?

With that thought, Ji Yi picked up her phone and called Fatty again.

As soon as the call connected, Fatty’s angry voice erupted. “Xiao Yi, what was that? I didn’t finish speaking, and you hung up on me. That’s completely rude…”

Ji Yi didn’t wait for Fatty to finish complaining and interrupted him. “Where are you now?”

“Me?” Fatty asked in confusion then replied, “At work.”

“Where do you work?”

“What’s wrong? You want to see me?”

“Hurry and tell me where you work!!” Ji Yi’s tone of voice grew impatient.

“Take it easy! Take it easy! Alright, I give in…” comforted Fatty as he quickly messaged Ji Yi with his address. “…I’m sharing it to you on WeChat…”

Before Fatty could finish, Ji Yi felt her phone vibrating. She turned her gaze to the screen and saw that it was Fatty’s message. Just like before, she hung up on him again without saying a word. Then she gave the driver his address. “Sir, I’m not going to the Four Seasons Hotel. I want to go here.”

Ji Yi wasn’t far from Fatty’s workplace. It just required a left turn up ahead, which only took five minutes for her to reach.

As Ji Yi paid the fare, she gave Fatty a call. After Fatty picked up, Ji Yi didn’t give him a chance to speak and quickly cried, “I’m at the front door of your workplace. Come out!”

“For real? Are you lying to me?” asked Fatty suspiciously.

Ji Yi didn’t bother bickering with Fatty and hung up right away.

Ji Yi waited for the driver to give her the change and got out of the car. She walked just a few steps forward when she saw him hurriedly running over to the door.

He saw Ji Yi and paused for a moment then rushed over and reached Ji Yi in just a couple seconds. “You really came?”

“Have you eaten? I’ll book us a table somewhere. Let’s go eat?”

“Is there anything in particular you wanna eat?”

Fatty asked Ji Yi a couple questions.

However, Ji Yi didn’t give Fatty a reply. It wasn’t until he raised his phone to search for where to eat when Ji Yi gulped and suddenly asked, “Fatty, who the hell is Cola Girl?”

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