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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 734
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 734: As It Turns Out, She’s Cola Girl (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Fatty was stunned by Ji Yi’s question while he stared at his phone for a couple seconds. Then he raised his head to look over at her. “You’re already married to Chen Ge, yet you still don’t know who Cola Girl is?”

Even though Fatty didn’t answer Ji Yi’s question, her fingers trembled slightly. Deep down, she knew the answer. “I’m Cola Girl, aren’t I?”

After Fatty heard this, he realized he got it all wrong. He thought He Jichen confessed to Ji Yi, came clean about liking Cola Girl for many years and the two of them got married. “Then how did you two get married?”

“I only found out tonight that we’re married.”

When Fatty heard what Ji Yi said, he knew it would be a long story, so he didn’t let Ji Yi explain everything on the sidewalk. “Gimme a minute. I’ll drive the car around. Let’s get in and talk about it over some food.”

Ji Yi gently nodded and said “Alright.”

Fatty turned around and walked into his workplace. Soon after, Ji Yi heard a whistle from the roadside.

Ji Yi looked in the direction of the whistling and saw Fatty through rolled down windows in his car.

She walked over in a hurry, pulled the car door open, and sat inside.

After Ji Yi fastened her seatbelt, Fatty hit the gas while asking, “Let’s have Shanghai food?”

“Mhm,” replied Ji Yi with no questions asked. Then she continued, “I always thought the person I married was Yuguang Ge…”

It was really quiet in the car. Besides Ji Yi’s voice, nothing else was heard.

After she explained the details of what happened, she turned her head and glanced at Fatty then continued, “…If I hadn’t found the jade in his apartment, gone to Sucheng to ask Yuguang Ge about He Jichen’s whereabouts, and learned that Yuguang Ge passed away, I never would’ve imagined that the person I agreed to marry was He Jichen.”

After Ji Yi said this, the car happened to stop outside the restaurant.

Fatty got out of the car first and helped Ji Yi open her car door.

On the way there, Fatty booked a table, so after he stepped into the restaurant, he gave his name and was quickly escorted in by a waiter, who brought them to a quiet table.

Fatty frequently ate at this restaurant, so he ordered the food.

After the waiter left, Fatty took the teapot and poured them cups of tea. He pushed one of the cups over to Ji Yi then said, “Chen Ge was afraid Qian Ge’s video incident would drag you down, so he left Beijing?”

Ji Yi lowered her eyes and gently replied with “Yeah”.

“That’s definitely Chen Ge’s style…” said Fatty. He lowered his head and took a sip of tea. After a while, he put the cup down and stared at Ji Yi while saying, “…Do you still remember when you mentioned Cola Girl last year at Louwailou? At the time, you asked me who Cola Girl was and I was particularly surprised. Then I asked if you were stupid. At the time, I almost told you who Cola Girl was, but in the end, Chen Ge called me out…”

Ji Yi nodded slightly. “I remember.”

“After Chen Ge called me, do you know what he said to me?”

Ji Yi shook her head.

Fatty didn’t stop there and continued, “He asked me what we talked about while he wasn’t in the room. His expression at the time looked so nervous that he jumped in fright. After I told him about our conversation, he let out a hard sigh of relief.”

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