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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 736
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 736: As It Turns Out, She’s Cola Girl (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi’s heart felt like it had suddenly been touched by something. She shuddered.

Long before Fatty started talking, the dishes were all served on the table.

After he said this, Fatty didn’t continue speaking but silently kept his silence and ate some rice. Then he looked like he had a thought and said, “On the day we ate at Louwailou, I asked Chen Ge why he wouldn’t let me tell you that you’re Cola Girl. Why didn’t he just brazenly go after you?!”

“Chen Bai remained silent for a long time before he gave me a reply.”

“He said…” Fatty tilted his head like he was reminiscing about that day. Then he copied the tone He Jichen used that day and continued to say, “Chase? You think I want to chase her?”

Ji Yi’s heart suddenly shuddered when she heard this then her fingertips tightly clutched her chopsticks.

“He also said…” Deep in thought, Fatty continued to use He Jichen’s tone of voice and repeated what he said. “I dream about chasing her; all I want to do is stand outside her dorm every day just to give her breakfast; when it’s stormy outside, I want to be able to hold an umbrella out for her; when she’s not feeling well, I want to carry her to the hospital…”

An intense heartache enveloped Ji Yi’s heart, making her body tremble softly.

“Chen Ge also said he even thought about the whole setting and how he was going to confess. Deep down, he went through his lines an infinite amount of times, but he was afraid… afraid you wouldn’t believe him. He was afraid that after he confessed, you’d have to say farewell. He was afraid he would put you in a difficult position because you liked He Yuguang…”

As she stared at Fatty, Ji Yi listened carefully and instinctively turned her gaze out the window.

Before she came to see Fatty, she had the vague feeling she was Cola Girl.

Even though Fatty gave her a definite answer, she was still shocked by the fact that he had a crush on her all this time. She thought about it repeatedly but had no idea that behind the scenes, He Jichen would actually be so deeply in love with her.

At that thought, a layer of fog clouded Ji Yi’s eyes.

She always thought He Jichen treated her really, really well.

Since he left, she found out from Qian Ge that he only treated Qian Ge like that because of her…

At the time, she already thought he treated her the very best, the very best he could.

But today, she found out that the “best” was just a fraction of how well he really treated her.

For over ten years from the time they first met to this very day, he had persevered in treating her this way.

Fatty stared at the side of Ji Yi’s face silently for a long time then finally said, “Xiao Yi, do you know how Chen Ge reacted the moment he found out about you being in a coma after the car accident?”

“He fell to the ground.”

“Deep down, Chen Ge has always been strong and omnipotent. That was the first time I ever saw him in such a state.”

“You didn’t wake up, so he foolishly guarded your room from downstairs.”

“Later, he got a fever and I had to force him to see a doctor. While he had an injection, he suddenly smiled.”

“To this day, I clearly remember what he said… Well actually, he didn’t say much – just that if worst came to worst, he’d die with you…”

After hearing this, Ji Yi finally couldn’t hold her tears back; they came crashing down from her face.

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