Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 739
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 739
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 739: As It Turns Out, She’s Cola Girl (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

His icy gaze fell on her face for no more than a second before withdrawing. Then he silently got up from the ground like he hadn’t seen the cashier in front of him at all.

Before he could get up, his body dropped to the ground again.

The cashier let out a shriek and without hesitation, she tossed the umbrella aside and used both hands to prop him up.

He fell quite heavily, causing her to crash to the ground harshly.

“Sssst…” She inhaled a cold breath of air in pain then tried to push him up, but her fingers incidentally touched his skin. That was when she realized that he was frighteningly warm.

The cashier quickly pulled out her phone and called for an ambulance.

When they reached the hospital and checked him in, the cashier pulled out his wallet and found his ID. She read his name: He Jichen.

He Jichen, He Jichen… The cashier repeated his name several times. The more she read it, the better it sounded.

The nurse quickly checked him in and returned the ID to the cashier.

The cashier thanked her as she put the ID back into the man’s wallet.

Just as she was going to close his wallet, she realized there was a photo in the card slot.

It was a photo of a woman; her face only peered out of the wallet half-way. She must’ve accidentally pulled it out when she was looking for his ID.

She knew it was rude to touch people’s things without their permission, but she still couldn’t hold herself back from pulling out the photo.

The woman’s perfect complexion fell into the cashier’s eyes.

The woman wasn’t wearing any makeup. Her eyes looked bright and she seemed soft and gentle. She looked clean and eye-catching, a complete beauty.

The cashier thought the woman looked somewhat familiar. It felt as though she’d seen her somewhere before. After thinking about it for a long time, she still couldn’t remember.

Back in the hospital room, since the cashier just finished her evening shift, she felt sleepy and tired. After she forced He Jichen to get off the drip, she sprawled out on the side of the bed and fell deep asleep.

When she woke, the sun outside the window was bright and there was no one on the bed.

That guy didn’t just leave without saying anything to me, did he?

All of a sudden, the cashier was completely awake as she abruptly stood up. Just as she was about to leave the room to ask a nurse where the man went, she saw his silhouette in front of the balcony.

He was leaning against the wall with a phone in his left hand. He had his head down while staring at the phone screen and he had a cigarette with puffs of thick smoke in his right hand.

The cashier stared at the man for a while then walked up to him and softly said “Hi.”

The man looked like he was trapped, deep in thought with no escape. He stared emotionlessly at the phone screen.

The cashier was really curious as she couldn’t help but glance at his phone. She saw that he was staring at the phone number for someone called “Xiao Yi.”

She didn’t disturb him again as she quietly stared at him. She realized that his fingers were lingering over Xiao Yi’s name, wanting to make the call, but every time he was about to make the call, he chose to pull back.

On the ninth time, the cashier watched as He Jichen’s fingers pulled away from the two words “Xiao Yi” and she couldn’t help but ask, “Is that the woman you cried about last night when you were drunk?”

He Jichen raised his head and glanced at her in silence. All he did was put his phone back into his pocket then pulled out a thick wad of cash and handed it to her.

The cashier didn’t take it. “That woman is the person you love deeply?”

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