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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 745
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 745: I’m Not Single, I’m Just Waiting For Someone (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The second Spring Festival after He Jichen left happened to land on Valentine’s Day. Although it was the lunar new year, Ji Yi was preparing for an interview that night.

Since Zhuang Xu, Zhuang Yi’s brother, was about to get married and Zhuang Yi hadn’t spent Chinese new year dinner with her parents for two years now, Ji Yi let her go back home. She kept only Tang Huahua and a new assistant at her side.

The media outlet interviewing her was TX. Their meeting place was TX’s own cafe.

The cafe was open to the public, but because it was Chinese new year, there weren’t any customers around.

Ji Yi’s interview location was on the second floor. After clearing the floor, the only people left were her, some assistants and TX’s staff.

The official interview started at nine.

The interview questions were relayed between TX and Tang Huahua. On the whole, the questions were about the dramas Ji Yi starred in for the past two years.

The female presenter was very entertaining to talk to and had worked with Ji Yi many times in the past two years. Even though they weren’t close friends, their relationship wasn’t bad. They could joke around and make fun of each other. The entire interview was filled with plenty of jokes.

Towards the end of the interview, the final section of the TX exclusive online episode welcomed questions from fans.

At the very beginning, the questions were simple like:

“Ji Yi, what color do you like?”

“Xiao Yi, when will you go to Chengdu for a fan meeting?”

Also, some fans were cheeky and deliberately asked prank questions like, “Xiao Yi, between cake-flavored chocolate and chocolate-flavored cake, which would you choose?”

There were thirty whole exclusive TX questions. In the end, there were some questions about the present: “I want to ask out Goddess Ji Yi. Will she be celebrating Valentine’s Day? And who will you spend it with?”

When the presenter finished asking this question, Ji Yi instinctively lowered her eyes to hide the dreariness in them.

Valentine’s day… Since He Jichen left, days like this seem farther and farther away.

Every Valentine’s day, Christmas, Chinese Valentine’s day, and the famous online 520 day… When Ji Yi walked the streets and saw sweet couples embracing, her heart felt hollowed out and in pain…

“Xiao Yi? Is this question difficult?” The presenter saw Ji Yi not uttering a word and was afraid of an awkward silence. She found an appropriate time to speak and switch up the atmosphere: “You can’t really want to celebrate Valentine’s day, right?”

Ji Yi lifted her gaze to reveal her clear yet dark pupils and smiled emotionlessly. “Nope, I just remembered that I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s day.”

“Woah, does that count as a super big scoop?! You’ve never celebrated Valentine’s day which means you’re completely pure when it comes to love?” The presenter had been interviewing for many years, so she knew that the whole nation paid attention to artists’ relationships, so she immediately took advantage of the opportunity and started to discuss it further. “So, Xiao Yi, are you still single?”


I’m not single; I’m married. However, I’m as lonely as a single person…

Ji Yi tried her best to prevent her smile from disappearing due to her heartache. She shook her head at the presenter and said with a soft and gentle voice, “No, I’m not single, I’m just waiting for someone.”

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