Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 746
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 746
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 746: I’m Not Single, I’m Just Waiting For Someone (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Maybe Ji Yi’s words were too beautiful because the presenter let out a “Woah.” Then she looked over at Ji Yi and asked, “Xiao Yi, does this mean you like someone? You’ve been waiting for the person you like to come back?”

Many artists didn’t dare expose their love lives for fear of losing fans and affecting their partners…However, after the presenter finished asking Ji Yi questions, she didn’t hesitate to let out a gentle nod then she quietly replied, “Yes, I’ve been waiting for him to come back.”

One day without him back, I’ll wait a day; A year without him back, I’ll wait a year; If he never comes back in my lifetime, then I’ll wait for you in the underworld, where I’ll continue to wait for you.

“It looks like Xiao Yi really likes someone, but Xiao Yi, would it be alright if we ask you a few questions now? Xiao Yi, I know it’s too much to make you confess right here. After all, some people might be ordinary people who don’t want to be exposed to everyone. So I want to ask you could you describe the person you like?”

The person I like – what kind of person is he?

As those words crossed Ji Yi’s mind, He Jichen’s face instantly appeared before her eyes.

He was really tall, handsome, his temper stunk and he liked to put on a poker face all the time… When you deeply loved someone, you really remembered them in flesh and blood. A year and five months had already passed, yet she could clearly remember every single detail about him.

But Ji Yi didn’t speak what was on her mind. “He… He’s the best person in the world, so no one else can enter my heart.”

“Woah…” the presenter murmured, “Today, this interview was truly full of great scoops! However, we’ve been off topic for a really long time and there are a few unasked questions from fans. Time’s ticking, so we must hurry…”

Ji Yi nodded gently but didn’t say a word.

The presenter started to read the questions, but when it came to the final question from the fans, Ji Yi’s heart was brutally stabbed.

“Xiao Yi, I wanted to know – among all the Chinese characters, which one do you like the most?” The presenter repeated it twice and asked oddly, “For as long as I’ve done interviews, this must be the most puzzling question. Why would they ask about your favorite director?”

The presenter turned her head then looked over at Xiao Yi. “Even though I don’t understand this question, Xiao Yi, please answer it regardless. Come on now, who’s your favorite Chinese director?”

Ji Yi answered unusually directly, “Ji.”

“Ji, as in Ji from Ji Yi?”

Ji Yi smiled slightly without uttering a word, but in her heart, she added another line: Also the Ji from He Jichen.

Time really was limited, so the interview ended there.

Ji Yi and the presenter chatted casually for a while then they removed their make up.

After everything was packed away, it was already eleven in the evening when the cafe closed for business.

When Ji Yi and Tang Huahua came downstairs, the waiter on the first floor told the remaining table of customers to leave.

After Ji Yi and Tang Huahua both stepped into the women’s restroom, He Jichen, dressed in a black trenchcoat, pulled open the doors of the men’s restroom and stepped out.

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