Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 75
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 75
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 75: Missing the Days When We Were Young (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After He Jichen’s reputation spread across the middle schools of Sucheng, he practically saw different beautiful girls every day. There were ones with round faces, oval faces, young ladies from respectable families and girls who were uniquely beautiful.

Even though there weren’t any who made it into his heart, his expectations of women grew increasingly high especially after he entered his third year. No matter who he saw, these women were all too vanilla for him and failed to excite him in the slightest.

But the silhouette of this girl gave him an unprecedented feeling of “The twinkle in the eye.”

Before he could take a closer look, his minion Fatty, who he sent out to buy a soda, returned. He was drenched in sweat. “Chen Ge, the cola you wanted.”

Fatty coincidentally stood right in his line of sight. He wrinkled his brows and swiftly pushed Fatty aside, but the girl had long disappeared in the sea of other students wearing the same uniform.

Fatty probably sensed that he was pissed, so he removed the lid of the cola and panted while trying to kiss up to him, “Chen Ge, the lid’s off.”

Who would’ve thought that He Jichen would angrily kick Fatty and reply sourly, “F*ck your Cola!” Then, he put out his cigarette, casually flicked it into the trash can nearby, and walked towards the block of classrooms.

The brief encounter with that girl was akin to a leaf softly falling on a lake, drifting across rings of ripples. Before it could form any waves, it floated peacefully away, carried away on a breeze.

Half a month later, he and a “gang of lowlifes” gathered together in an internet cafe close to the school for the night.

After playing games for most of the night, he was a little tired, so he rested his eyes and relaxed his mind while he leaned back in his chair. Fatty, who sat next to him, touch his arm. “Chen Ge, do you want a soda?”

He gently nodded his head but didn’t reply.

Fatty kicked the chair behind him in one big motion and ran over to the front desk to buy drinks.

Maybe it was because Fatty mentioned the word “soda” that the memory of the pretty figure on the sports field half a month earlier popped into his mind.

His heart suddenly felt flustered. He instantly lost all sleepiness as he reached for the pack of cigarettes on the table. He pulled one out, put it to his lips, and lit it up. Through the cloud of smoke, he saw Fatty carry a bunch of sodas back with him.

Fatty didn’t get the chance to sit down before He Jichen waved at him. “Help me find someone.”

Fatty seemed especially eager. “Chen Ge, which person? Did someone mess with you? They actually dared to mess with our Chen Ge?! I’ll fuck him up!”

“Fuck you! You dare try to fuck her, I’ll fucking kill you!” He Jichen glared at Fatty then let out a ring of smoke. He answered, “It’s a woman.”

“Woman?” Fatty’s eyes lit up. “Is it Chen Sao 1


He Jichen didn’t bother with Fatty’s nosiness but kept ordering him around. “I don’t care how you do it. Even if you have to dig three feet deep, find her for me!”

He made it difficult for Fatty. “Chen Ge, you’ve only given me the two words ‘a woman’ to go by— where do I go to find her for you? Surely you have more clues for me?”

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