Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 750
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 750
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 750: I’m Not Single, I’m Just Waiting For Someone (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Tang Huahua watched as Ji Yi glared at her phone without any sign of getting out of the car. She was confused for a moment then turned her gaze to the messages on the screen.

Tang Huahua instinctively bit the corner of her lips as she stared at the bright phone screen. She contemplated something for a long time then slowly lifted her gaze.

Ji Yi’s gaze was transfixed on the phone; she hadn’t moved an inch since the car door opened. Not a shred of annoyance or anger showed in her eyes.

But Tang Huahua still felt uneasy. Her fingers tightly pinched her clothes in anxiety. “Xiao Yi.”

Ji Yi didn’t utter a word.

Tang Huahua grew even more nervous. Even though she wasn’t sure if Ji Yi was angry, she apologized earnestly, “Sorry, don’t be mad…”

Ji Yi still didn’t say a thing.

“I didn’t betray you and I didn’t sell intel about you to He Xuezhang. When He Xuezhang first reached out to me, he did offer me money and I admit that I really wanted the money. He Xuezhang did give me some money, but Xiao Yi, I only took it once or twice. Afterward, I stopped taking his money, and to this day, I haven’t touched the money…”

Ji Yi blinked as her gaze slowly turned from the phone screen and fell on Tang Huahua’s face.

The moment their eyes met, Tang Huahua nervously looked down and avoided Ji Yi’s eyes. Then her voice sounded a little flustered as she said, “…Xiao Yi, if you don’t believe me, you can log into my AliPay account and look at my balance. There’s still money on it and I can give it to you later. I really never wanted to do anything bad to you. I didn’t promise to help He Xuezhang because of money. He Xuezhang and I met up to chat for a long time and he touched me with his words.”

Ji Yi still didn’t say a word.

Tang Huahua didn’t pause for a second and continued by saying, “Xiao Yi, do you still remember when Li Da invited us to the hot springs and He Xuezhang was there too? During dinner, Li Da asked He Xuezhang why he gave up his education at the prestigious college, his bright future, and family business just to go to B-Film?”

“At the time, He Xuezhang ignored Li Da and appeared particularly calm like he wasn’t even talking to him. It made Li Da agitated and he asked He Xuezhang if he was crazy! And he asked why He Xuezhang did it.”

“Actually, Xiao Yi, when I heard what they said, my first thought was that Li Da was lying. How could someone be so stupid as to give up so many great things to go to B-Film?!”

“But Xiao Yi, did you know? The day He Xuezhang asked me to chat with him, he told me that he gave up the prestigious school for you, he gave up his bright future for you, he gave up taking over the family business for you, he came to B-film for you, he moved to Beijing for you, he established YC for you, and he got into an argument with his family for you. He let Lin Ya call him her boyfriend to get closer to you…”

Ji Yi’s fingers around Tang Huahua’s phone quivered for a moment.

“He even told me that he only had two hopes. The first hope was getting you and the other hope was helping you fulfill your own dream.”

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