Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 753
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 753
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 753: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi picked a random seat to sit on then she took the drinks menu the boss handed her. She skimmed through it then chose a simple set.

After the live singer finished his song, Ji Yi picked up a pen from the table and wrote a few words on the song request form. When the boss came over with the set, he took her request.

The live singer glanced at the form and nodded. Thereafter, he headed back to the stage and continued to play on his phone while Ji Yi started drinking.

The live singer was probably searching for background music as he was on his phone for a while. Then a familiar tune played in the bar.

When she was outside, she thought the live singer sounded similar to He Jichen. After selecting her song, she realized that when he sang peak parts of the song, he really did sound like He Jichen.

“If you aren’t in this world, then why not swiftly forget you? Everyone understands that principle. It’s easy to say, but you’re stubborn in love.”

Instantly, time turned back to the image of her birthday celebration while she was filming “Three Thousand Lunatics.”

Does he know that he’s infiltrated my world far too deeply? After he left, Ji Yi didn’t even dare celebrate her own birthday because she was afraid to reminisce, afraid to endure the pain, and afraid to cry to the point of losing her voice…

In actuality, she had been controlling herself all along and tried her best not to think about him. However, tonight, too many things reminded her of him.

The interview, Tang Huahua’s phone, the fireworks at Houhai… She trapped herself once again in a world where she missed him and couldn’t bring herself out of it.

“I would rather keep you within my radius. All I want is to feel your sadness and joy and be with you when you need me.”

Although Ji Yi chose the set, she didn’t touch the drinks.

However, when she heard the live singer’s voice, she thought back to every little thing that happened between her and He Jichen then her heart started to ache. The pain made it hard to sit up straight. She wanted to make herself feel a little more comfortable, so she instinctively grabbed the wine from the table and started to drink with the bottle held up high.

After she finished the bottle, the song Ji Yi picked happened to finish.

She didn’t wait for the singer to pick his own song and she selected these three words off the menu again: “Within your radius.”

Even though she already heard the song once, Ji Yi still thought it was hard to bear and endure upon hearing it a second time. Her eyes reddened and she continued to down the alcohol.

Because she had an interview in the evening, she ate dinner early, so she was now a little hungry. Having drank so much, her stomach started to vaguely ache, but Ji Yi showed no signs of stopping at all. She selected “Within your radius” over and over again and drank glass after glass of wine.

Ji Yi didn’t know just how many times she selected “Within your radius” and she didn’t know just how much she drank, but she knew that in the end, she couldn’t hold it together and collapsed on the table.

It was probably really late as the boss and live singer were about to wrap up work and head home.

The boss ran over to Ji Yi and asked for her to settle her bill.

Ji Yi was still a little conscious, but it wasn’t easy for her to move around. It took a lot of energy to find her purse, pull out a stack of notes and hand it to the boss.

She didn’t care if it was enough, but she got up and swayed out of the bar.

The cold winter’s breeze blew in and sobered her up a lot more.

She stood by the side of the road, staring in all four directions and taking in her empty surroundings. She searched for a while then slowly slumped to the ground. Hugging her knees, she started to cry.

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