Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 755
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 755
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 755: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Because he was willing to stay with her at her lowest point in life, he didn’t want her to bear the responsibility of taking care of him at his lowest point in life.

The ambulance arrived quickly.

Before the ambulance reached Ji Yi, He Jichen already left her side and stood behind the same tree from before.

He personally saw the nurse raising Ji Yi up into the ambulance and leaving. Only then did he emerge from behind the tree and hail a cab to follow the ambulance.

Once he was at the hospital, He Jichen also personally saw Ji Yi being taken into a hospital room. After he was sure she was safe and sound, he walked out of the hospital.

He Jichen stood under an old tree and lit a cigarette. After leisurely finishing it, he raised his head to glance up at the room Ji Yi was in before finally putting his cigarette out. He tossed the cigarette butt into the trash can then turned to leave.

It was already three in the morning when He Jichen headed back to the hotel he was staying in.

After he got into the elevator and reached his floor, He Jichen emerged from the elevator and searched for his key card while walking over to his hotel room. He only managed to make it two steps when he saw a woman standing in front of his door.

He Jichen’s footsteps instinctively slowed down. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

When the woman heard He Jichen’s voice, she turned and looked over at him without any intention of saying anything.

He Jichen realized that she wasn’t saying anything, so he didn’t say anything either. After he walked over to his room, he swiped the key card as the woman suddenly rushed over to him.

He Jichen reflexively took two steps back. “Ning Ning, what are you doing?!”

The woman He Jichen called “Ning Ning” didn’t say anything but swiftly put her hands on He Jichen’s jacket. She put her face to him and took a hard sniff then found a scent on his right sleeve.

The sweet scent was faint and warm and made her feel relaxed.

So… He Jichen only just got back now after leaving the hotel yesterday. Did he go see a woman?

In just a second, Ning Ning guessed who He Jichen saw. “You went to see her?”

He Jichen realized what Ning Ning smelled when she drew in close. He didn’t give her a reply but swiped his room key and walked into the room.

When he reached out his hand to shut the door, Ning Ning beat him to it by pushing against the door. Through the crack in the door, she quickly slid into He Jichen’s room. “Did you guys talk? Did you guys have dinner together? Or maybe you spent last night together?”

He Jichen pretended as though he hadn’t heard Ning Ning at all as he took off his trenchcoat and casually threw it onto the sofa. Then he took a seat and lit up a cigarette.

“Then did you give her the new year’s present you bought for her?”

Ning Ning seemed to be unbothered by He Jichen ignoring her and continued to ask endless questions.

“Did she really like it? Was she thrilled?”

He Jichen slowly blew out the cigarette smoke. After hearing what Ning Ning said, his eyes fell on his trenchcoat pocket.

Noticing his reaction, Ning Ning immediately jumped to the sofa. From his pocket, she pulled out a sky blue gift box.

“You didn’t give her the new year’s present?”

“You went to see her, so why didn’t you give it to her?”

With an impatient look on her face, Ning Ning asked several questions. However, seeing as He Jichen was silently smoking non-stop, Ning Ning had a rough idea of what happened. “You went to see her, but just like how you’ve watched her for the past year or so, you stood from afar and didn’t get close to her, right?”

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