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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 759
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 759: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Oh, I forgot to tell you the woman’s name is Ning Shuang.” Tang Huahua peered at Ji Yi in the back seat from the rearview mirror as she drove. “She studied abroad in France for five years. She’s graduated now and she’s older than you by three months.”

“Mhm.” Ji Yi nodded.

The car was silent for a short while before Ji Yi added, “Last year when I went to the American Movie Festival, didn’t we buy a lot of things while shopping with Zhuang Yi? I suddenly remember that I had a lot of unused and unopened products. Where did you and Zhuang Yi put them?”

“Oh, they’re at the office.” With that, Tang Huahua then asked with confusion, “What’s up?”

“When is the dinner date with the fan?” asked Ji Yi leisurely.

“The eighteenth. It’s three nights from now at the revolving restaurant, Lilac. Room No.1.”

“Mm…” replied Ji Yi softly. Then she continued with what she was saying earlier: “…So tomorrow or the day after, whenever you have time, head back to the office and choose one of the decent unopened boxes as a present. Get it wrapped up then put it in the car in advance.”

After Tang Huahua heard this, she understood why Ji Yi asked her about their shopping trip. She wanted to gift one to the fan who she was having dinner with. Tang Huahua quickly nodded and replied, “Got it!”

On the evening of the seventeenth, He Jichen got a video call from Ning Shuang.

In the video, Ning Shuang had just finished taking a shower, so her hair was wrapped up in a towel. She held the phone up with one hand while putting on a face mask with her other hand.

He Jichen only glanced at the phone screen for a moment then put it down on the coffee table. He picked up the book he was reading and continued to calmly and elegantly read.

“Do you have time tomorrow?” The hotel room was very quiet, so over the phone, Ning Shuang’s voice sounded quite abrupt.

After He Jichen finished the last line of the newspaper, he slowly flipped the page and replied in a dull voice, “Yes.”

“Then I’ll treat you to dinner tomorrow?” suggested Ning Shuang. She continued without waiting for He Jichen’s reply: “Is French food, alright?”

He Jichen furrowed his brows. He stopped reading his book and looked over at the video chat.

Ning Shuang saw his reaction and knew what he was thinking. He’d lived in France for so long, eating French food practically every day. Now that he was back in Beijing, French food again? But she couldn’t help it – she wasn’t the one who booked the table. It was Huan Ying Entertainment…

Ning Shuang was afraid He Jichen would notice something strange was going on, so she lowered her head to avoid He Jichen’s gaze. “The revolving restaurant, Lilac, is very famous. They say you can see a beautiful night view. I’m not going for the food. I’m going for the view…”

As she said this, Ning Shuang raised her head and snuck a glance at her phone screen. Seeing that He Jichen wasn’t in sight, she knew she was successful. She immediately started to giggle and said, “Remember, it’s the revolving restaurant, Lilac. Tomorrow night at half past six. Room No.1.”

He Jichen didn’t say anything but mindfully let out an “Mhm.” Then he gently turned the page again.

“I have to catch my TV series in a min, so I’m hanging up!”

Ning Shuang had gotten used to He Jichen’s unresponsive attitude a long time ago. When she finished speaking, she was about to hang up the phone. All of a sudden, she remembered something important as her finger hovered over the screen. “Tomorrow, give them my name and phone number at the restaurant. I only left my details with the restaurant.”

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