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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 765
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 765: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (15)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As Ji Yi’s questions escaped her mouth, Qian Ge’s arrogant gaze became embarrassed after thinking she had the upper hand.

Ji Yi wanted to turn around and leave, but she suddenly remembered the past. Then she brutally stabbed Qian Ge again with her words. “If I remember correctly, you’ve always wanted to speak with him casually your whole life, and the only time he ever did was because of me. You told me before that you dreamed of being alone with him, and the only time that ever happened was when I helped you meet him in the grove during senior high. That was also because of me and back then, after he saw you instead of me, he looked pissed and left without saying a word, right?”

The old saying was right: Don’t hit people in the face and don’t point out someone’s weaknesses in an argument. (There are limits to hitting and belittling others.)

But with Qian Ge, she kept on bringing up other people’s weaknesses, so Ji Yi figured it would be best to retaliate with where it hurt most!

As Ji Yi thought, after she said what she said, Qian Ge’s gaze became unsettled.

She knew she seriously pissed Qian Ge off, and she knew there was a limit to Qian Ge’s temper. They were in a public area but if she continued like this, Qian Ge would go crazy and it would be troublesome if people recognized them.

Ji Yi appropriately stopped while she was ahead then walked off with Tang Huahua without even sweeping a look at Qian Ge. Seeing as there wasn’t a problem with the ceramics bill, she signed for it and left the store.

It was still early and there was still over two hours until dinner.

After bumping into Qian Ge, Ji Yi lost the temptation to go window shopping. Instead, she figured she might as well go to the cafe on the first floor with Tang Huahua to play games, killing time.

The two of them started chatting as Tang Huahua suggested some games to play.

After Ji Yi agreed to play one game and opened it, she realized there was an unread message. After clicking it, she read the message sent by “Young Windchaser”: “Who are you? Do I know you?”

In actuality, Ji Yi forgot about “Young Windchaser” but after suddenly reading his message, she remembered playing a few matches with him two years ago on Chinese new year.

At the time, he tried to hit on her in the game. He Jichen grabbed her phone and pissed him off so bad that he didn’t bother her ever again.

Thinking about the past, a smile crept up on Ji Yi’s lips.

“Xiao Yi, I dragged you into the group chat. Accept it,” said Tang Huahua, who couldn’t help but rush her since she invited Ji Yi a few times.

Ji Yi snapped back to reality and exited the message room. She clicked “confirm” after receiving another pop up for Tang Huahua’s room invitation.

He Jichen, do you know? When you were here, I never knew how important you were to my life. After you left, I finally noticed the shadow of your existence on every little thing in my life.

Her dinner date with her fan was at half-past six.

Ji Yi didn’t want to be late, so she left SKP at six to wait for the fan and headed to Lilac.

When she arrived, it wasn’t even a quarter past six yet.

Ji Yi didn’t want to seem like a diva in front of the fan, so she didn’t ask Tang Huahua to go into the private room with her. Beforehand, she took the gift prepared for the fan from Tang Huahua and walked into the restaurant alone.

Ji Yi thought the fan might not have arrived yet. As the waiter lead her into the elevator and up to the first floor, Ji Yi learned that the fan for her dinner date had already arrived at six.

As she emerged from the elevator, Ji Yi wasn’t sure what was wrong with her but her heart suddenly hastened. She had the faint feeling that something was going to happen.

After following the waiter for a bit, her heart randomly raced as they walked closer to room No.1. Just as she walked over to the doors, her breathing started to grow unsteady.

How strange… I’m just meeting a fan, so why am I so nervous?

Just as Ji Yi had that thought, the waiter pushed the door open. “Miss Ji, here we are.”

Ji Yi smiled back at the waiter then raised her head and looked all around the room. Then her eyes saw a familiar silhouette.

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