Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 768
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 768
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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He Jichen didn’t utter a word or move an inch, just like his old self.

Seeing how unconcerned he seemed, Ji Yi walked over to He Jichen, reached out and gently tugged on his sleeve. “Come, sit.”

Ji Yi’s touch snapped He Jichen out of his daze. He stared deeply into her eyes with a glimmer of light as though he was pleasantly surprised. The glimmer in his eyes lasted for ten short seconds then gradually dimmed before they returned to their deep and dark state. Then without any emotion at all, he said, “How come it’s you?”

Those were the first words he said after their reunion.

How come it’s you?

Cold and indifferent words. That cold and indifferent tone of voice.

It was as though they were two complete strangers.

It felt like Ji Yi had a bucket of cold water thrown over her. The heat from her burning heart from finally seeing him again slowly turned cold. “This is my event. Didn’t you anonymously pay to take part in my event?”

He Jichen furrowed his brows. “Anonymous?”

“Yeah…” Ji Yi nodded then said the anonymous name He Jichen used. “…Aren’t you Ning Ning?”

When He Jichen heard the two words “Ning Ning,” he instantly understood. This was set up by Ning Ning.

Her father really was sick and she did need the money, but for the past few days, she’d been asking for a bunch of money. She didn’t use it for her father. Instead, she used it to take part in Huan Ying Entertainment’s Pre-New Year event for Ji Yi…

Don’t tell me that’s why Ning Ning used every method possible to stop me from going back to France lately. Deep down, she already had this plan in mind!

A sliver of anger crept into He Jichen’s eyes.

At that moment, the waiter happened to push open the door to the room and placed dish after dish onto the large marble dining table that Ji Yi ordered.

Even though He Jichen didn’t say anything, Ji Yi took the initiative to say, “He Jichen, the food’s here. Let’s have dinner.”

As Ji Yi said this, she pulled He Jichen’s arm and dragged him over to the dining table. “There’s so much I want to say to you. Let’s eat and…”

Her final word “chat” never escaped her mouth because He Jichen suddenly pulled himself free from her grasp.

Ji Yi turned her head in confusion and looked over at He Jichen.

Her gaze hadn’t met his eyes when he bent over and picked up his jacket from the sofa. Then he walked around her and strode over to the door.

“He Jichen!” cried Ji Yi instinctively.

He Jichen didn’t slow down, acting as though he hadn’t heard what she said. He walked out of the private room.

Ji Yi instinctively raised her feet and chased after He Jichen.

He Jichen took big strides with his long legs. Although Ji Yi ran after him, by the time she reached the elevator, he had already gotten into an elevator and started to head down.

Ji Yi hurriedly pressed the button for the elevator beside her, but because it was the peak time for diners, the elevator was very slow. Ji Yi was afraid to lose He Jichen, so she ran over to the emergency exit, pushed the door open and ran down the stairs.

Because her heels were so inconvenient for her to walk in, she took them off and ran barefoot down the stairs.

Tang Huahua was in the first-floor lobby, waiting for Ji Yi while playing on her phone. She didn’t pay attention to anybody walking in or out.

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