Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 776
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 776
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 776: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (26)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Xiao Yi, who were you on the phone with?” Tang Huahua couldn’t help but ask as she was so focused on her conversation with Zhuang Yi that she hadn’t even noticed Ji Yi taking a call.

Ji Yi didn’t reply to Tang Huahua and abruptly stepped on the gas with both hands on the steering wheel.

The car suddenly sped up, causing Tang Huahua to lunge forward again. Thankfully, she kept her hand on the handle, so she only swayed fiercely for a moment there. However, before she could sit properly, Ji Yi took another sharp turn, almost tossing Tang Huahua aside and causing her to fall, sprawled out on her seat.

“Xiao Yi, slow down!”

“Xiao Yi, it’s a red light up ahead!”

“Xiao Yi, you’re tailgating!”


Just as Tang Huahua continuously shrieked, the car entered “Jianyuan Gardens.”

When they were almost at building no.12, Ji Yi suddenly stepped on the brakes. As the awful sound of the screeching tires was heard, the car suddenly came to a stop.

Tang Huahua hadn’t recovered from the shock of their chaotic journey when Ji Yi leaped out of the car and charged right over to building no.12.

Tang Huahua had no time to recover from her nausea as she fumbled to push the door open. She climbed out of the car and hurriedly chased after Ji Yi.

After entering the building, a young woman in a black down jacket, who was leaning against the wall, straightened herself up. Then she immediately walked over to Ji Yi the very second she saw her. “Ji Yi?”

Ji Yi nodded as she replied to Ning Shuang before rushing over to the elevator and pressing the button.

So this is Ning Shuang… Tang Huahua shot a polite smile at Ning Shuang and wanted to greet her, but as soon as she opened her mouth, out came the sound of gagging.

“Ding dong…” rang the elevator. The second the doors opened, Ji Yi stepped in and reached out to press the button to select a floor.

Tang Huahua and Ning Shuang were afraid Ji Yi would leave them behind, so they hurriedly squeezed into the elevator.

When the elevator doors opened on the floor of He Jichen’s apartment, a calmer and less impulsive Ji Yi stared outside for a couple of seconds. Then she walked out of the elevator.

It was so quiet in the hallway that Ji Yi could hear the sound of her heart pounding.

She stopped in front of He Jichen’s door, stared at the tightly shut door for a moment, but didn’t press the doorbell. Instead, she raised her hand and entered the passcode.


As the door unlocked, Ji Yi instinctively held her breath. She slowly reached her fingers out to the handle and pulled the door open.

The light in the living room shone brightly.

Across the tall windows, the words “A Billion Stars Can’t Amount to You” from the advert outside were bright and clear.

Out of nowhere, Ji Yi’s heart started to race.

Without removing her shoes, she walked right past the entrance and into the apartment.

She looked all around her to see that there wasn’t a single person in the living room and the door to the gym was open. It was completely empty in there too.

Don’t tell me that the woman Ning Shuang mentioned was with He Jichen is upstairs?

Ji Yi instinctively lifted her head and looked up at the second floor.

The people upstairs must’ve heard the door open as Ji Yi happened to catch the door to the study being opened and He Jichen stepping out from inside.

He was wearing the same clothes he was wearing when she saw him that evening. There was a file in his hands.

Before their eyes could even meet, another person stepped out of the study.

It was just as Ning Shuang described – the woman really was young and pretty.

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