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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 777
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 777: Taking Back My Favored Consort! (27)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi knew that woman. It was Xia Yuan.

She was He Jichen’s professor’s daughter. From the first time they met, Ji Yi knew Xia Yuan liked He Jichen. Later, she even deliberately kissed He Jichen in annoyance when she saw Xia Yuan wearing a low-cut top while in a video call with him. In the end, Xiao Yuan was so mad that she hung up on their call…

“Jichen…” cried Xia Yuan in confusion when she saw He Jichen had peeked outside. Xia Yuan hadn’t noticed Ji Yi.

Her words brought both Ji Yi and He Jichen back to their senses.

Ji Yi clearly saw He Jichen furrowing his brows for a moment then turning his gaze towards Tang Huahua and Ning Shuang, who came in with Ji Yi and stood behind her.

Just as He Jichen’s gaze fell on Ning Shuang, he immediately realized she must’ve been the reason why Ji Yi showed up there. “Who let you call her?!” he abruptly exclaimed at Ning Shuang with intense frustration.

“I was the one who called her,” Ji Yi blurted out before Ning Shuang could speak.

He Jichen averted his gaze back to Ji Yi. His lips quivered but he didn’t make a sound.

Ji Yi’s eyes met his and they stared at each other for a couple of seconds before her gaze fell on Xia Yuan.

She stared at Xia Yuan for just a second before she strode over to the stairs and climbed one step at a time to the top.

Nobody uttered a word in the big, spacious apartment. Besides the sound of Ji Yi’s footsteps, nothing else was heard.

Ji Yi only stopped walking when she stood in front of Xia Yuan. She quietly stared at Xia Yuan for a moment then said, “Hello Miss Xia. Long time no see. I’m He Jichen’s wife, Ji Yi…”

Didn’t Xia Yuan like He Jichen all these years without backing down?

Good. Today, I’ll let her know that it’s impossible for her and He Jichen to ever be together!

With that thought, Ji Yi felt like what she just said wasn’t tough enough, so she added, “…you can call me Mrs. He.”

He Jichen’s wife? Mrs. He?

Xia Yuan’s eyes widened in disbelief as she looked over at He Jichen. “Jichen…”

Jichen? Till now, she’s still called He Jichen in such an affectionate way?

Most importantly, let’s forget how she ignored her when she was talking to her. Her first reaction was to go and call for He Jichen?!

A chill surfaced in Ji Yi’s eyes as she didn’t even wait for He Jichen to speak before adding, “Excuse me, Miss Xia. I don’t think you and He Jichen are even close enough for you to be calling him ‘Jichen.’ I hope that you know your place and call He Jichen ‘Mr. He’ from now on.”

When Ji Yi said the words “I’m He Jichen’s wife,” He Jichen was left stunned. It was only when Ji Yi said it a second time that he snapped out of it and said, “Ji Yi…”

Instead of replying to He Jichen, Ji Yi had more important matters to deal with. Having looked at both Xia Yuan and He Jichen, Ji Yi then immediately ignored He Jichen. She glared at Xia Yuan and inserted her dominance by saying, “No matter how long you’ve known He Jichen, or how strongly you feel for him, from now on, I hope that you and He Jichen can keep a certain distance…”

When He Jichen heard that, he knew Ji Yi had misunderstood.

The professor called him a while back for a template of a contract. Today, he happened to bump into Xia Yuan, and since Xia Yuan brought it up, he figured that he might as well give it directly to Xia Yuan to take back to Sucheng…

“Ji Yi…” repeated He Jichen.

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