Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 781
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 781
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 781: I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“We haven’t seen each other for over a year. Do you really have nothing you want to say to me?”

“Nothing,” replied He Jichen swiftly. Even his voice sounded unusually indifferent…

If she hadn’t found out about everything, Ji Yi never would’ve dared to believe that He Jichen liked her judging by his reaction at that very moment.

She knew what he was worried about and she knew he was doing it for her own good. Deep down, she knew what rumors she would have to face if they really got together, but she didn’t care…

With that thought, Ji Yi added, “It’s okay. There’s nothing you want to say, but I do. I have lots and lots that I want to say to you. Let’s go downstairs, find a place to sit and have a good chat. Alright?”

“I really do have things to do. Let’s do this another day,” said He Jichen.

Ji Yi didn’t budge. She knew He Jichen was brushing her off. If she really left, when would they have this chance again? She was afraid that she didn’t even have the answer to that. “If you don’t want to go downstairs, that’s okay. We can chat here…”

“Ji Yi.”

Ji Yi acted as though she hadn’t heard what He Jichen said and continued to say, “He Jichen, where are you staying right now?”

“You canceled your old phone number. Did you get a new one? Can you tell me your number?”

“My number has never changed. It’s the same as the one before…”

It seemed as though He Jichen didn’t have the patience to continue listening as he interrupted her by saying, “Move aside.”

Ji Yi didn’t move from her spot as her other hand now also grabbed onto He Jichen’s sleeve. “I know why you’re treating me like this, but He Jichen, did you know? After you left, I started to wait for you, and have been waiting for you ever since…”

“Ji Yi.” The fingers by He Jichen’s sides trembled fiercely for a moment. Without any hesitation at all, he interrupted Ji Yi again, “I’m really in a rush and I really do have important matters to attend to, so I have no time to listen to you talking about such useless things.”

“Then I’ll say something useful. He Jichen, I know that the marriage certificate I saw back at your office was ours. I also know that Yuguang Ge passed away a long time ago. I even know that the Yuguang Ge I met lately was you. I also know I’m the Cola girl you liked for so many years. I know so many so many things and I even went to visit Yuguang Ge’s grave on the anniversary of his death while you were away this past year. I also know you were the one who visited me at the hospital while I was in a coma…”

He Jichen seemed to be really impatient; moreover, it seemed like he was afraid of something. As Ji Yi spoke her last word, he abruptly swung his arm and struggled out of Ji Yi’s grip.

He swung so fiercely that it made Ji Yi take a few steps back until she hit the wall before coming to a stop.

He Jichen knew he was acting out and he knew he was taking things too far. The moment he shoved her back against the wall, he instinctively wanted to turn his head and look over at her.

But soon enough, he suppressed this urge like he didn’t care about anything. He strode over to the stairs.

The pain Ji Yi felt in her back against the wall made Ji Yi’s brows furrow. A second later, she cast the pain to the back of her mind and cried out to He Jichen who was making his way downstairs: “He Jichen, I like you.”

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