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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 785
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 785: I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

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Just when Ji Yi was about to @HanZhifan, Han Zhifan sent another message with a screenshot to the group chat.

It was Han Zhifan and He Jichen’s chat log.

HanZhifan: “Chen Ge, I hear you’re back in Beijing? I just so happened to be looking for someone’s opinion on what to do. It’s about buying the last stocks for Qian Ge’s studio. Do you have some time to meet up?”

He Jichen: “Yeah.”

He Jichen: “Day after tomorrow.”

Han Zhifan: “Is the Golden Lounge okay?”

He Jichen: “Sure.”

Han Zhifan: “Booked the room. It’s the same old spot, 1001.”

The group chat one was silent for a whole minute before Chen Bai messaged: “Wasn’t the whole buying stocks situation resolved last year?”

Fatty: “You’re blatantly lying!”

Han Zhifan: “Xiao Yi said to use any way to trick He Jichen into coming out. I’m just following Xiao Yi’s orders.”

[email protected], fanning the flames: “Xiao Yi, Mr. Han is blatantly mocking you!”

Ji Yi: “Thank you, Mr. Han.”

Han Zhifan: “You’re welcome” followed by a giggling emoji.

Fatty: “!!!”

Li Da: “…”

Chen Bai: “So freaking sneaky!”

Ji Yi originally thought that by successfully tricking He Jichen into coming out, it would dissolve the massive lump in her heart and her days would go by a little easier. However, for the next two days, Ji Yi actually seemed to be even more agitated.

It was alright when she was busy during the day, but when she had downtime, she couldn’t help but think about her proposal to He Jichen. The more she thought about it, the more nervous she was; especially during the day before she was going to see He Jichen. Ji Yi practically didn’t shut her eyes for the whole night.

There were less than twenty minutes left before it would be eight in the evening and Ji Yi felt even more anxious and excited. She had lots of time before she had to leave, but she started to rummage around for tonight’s outfit.

As an artist, Ji Yi often attended different kinds of events. She wouldn’t say she had all kinds of clothes from major luxury brands, but she had all their best-selling items.

Normally, when she left the house, she would randomly pick an outfit and feel satisfied. However, today, Ji Yi practically tried on her entire winter wardrobe, yet she couldn’t find a suitable outfit. In the end, she just dragged Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua out to go buy a new outfit.

After shopping, Ji Yi wasn’t satisfied with her shoes, so she picked a new pair. Then she was unsatisfied with her make-up, so all Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua could do was go with her to her regular salon. After a facial, they redid her make-up and hair.

After Ji Yi went back and forth until she was completely satisfied, it was already seven in the evening.

After she rushed over to The Golden Lounge, Ji Yi didn’t follow Tang Huahua and Zhuang Yi to the room Han Zhifan booked. Instead, she hid in the restroom.

Tang Huahua kept sending Ji Yi messages.

“Xiao Yi, He Xuezhang has arrived. He saw so many people around, his expression looked odd, and his eyebrows were creased like crazy.”

“But thankfully, Chen Bai had quick reflexes and said that Han Zhifan must’ve mentioned the meetup to him yesterday, so he shamelessly tagged along.”

“Li Da said he was there yesterday like Chen Bai. It’d been a long time since they last saw each other. Bo He said she was worried about Li Da going to a place like the Golden Lounge, so she told me she was going there to watch Li Da.”

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