Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 786
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 786
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 786: I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“Bo He said she’d easily get bored as the only woman in a party with all guys, so she invited me too.”

“Zhuang Yi said that when Bo He called, I happened to be in the restroom. I picked up and like Li Da, I hadn’t seen He Xuezhang in a long time too, so I thought I’d pop in.”

Ji Yi read the screen full of messages that Tang Huahua sent to her. Since she didn’t find the excuses believable, an unspeakable sense of embarrassment crept into her heart. She raised her finger and lightly tapped the screen a few times. “Did he believe it?”

Tang Huahua’s reply came quickly. “I don’t know. The expression on He Xuezhang’s face is too hard to read. I’m waiting, so how can I figure out what he’s thinking… but there’s something a little odd about his aura.”


Ji Yi was a little worried about He Jichen finding out she was tricking him, so she ran right out the door and hurriedly sent a message to Tang Huahua requesting an update on the situation: “What do mean by odd? He can’t be angry, right?”

Tang Huahua didn’t reply.

Ji Yi felt even more uneasy. “What’s going on right now?”

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“Is He Jichen really mad?”


Ji Yi sent a few consecutive messages, so seeing as Tang Huahua didn’t respond, she thought He Jichen really was mad.

Ji Yi quickly raised her phone up to take a look. Tang Huahua’s reply finally came: “I was almost scared to death just now. I thought He Xuezhang was about to get angry! Luckily, Mr. Han was smart and saved the day just in time.”

After reading that sentence, Ji Yi let out a sigh of relief and stopped walking towards room 1001. She turned around and headed back into the restroom while quickly typing on her keyboard. “What’s going on?”

Tang Huahua: “A second before He Xuezhang was going to get angry, Mr. Han admitted to tricking He Xuezhang. He said he knew He Xuezhang was back in Beijing and hadn’t seen him for so long, so he did it because he really wanted to see him He even said he knew He Xuezhang didn’t want to see you, so he specifically didn’t call you over and that he could relax.”

After reading that message, Ji Yi didn’t have time to even send Tang Huahua a reply when another message popped up on her screen.

“I have this bad feeling that when you come in later, Mr. Han’s going to get slaughtered!”

“They’re all sitting down right now and they’re starting to drink.”

“Zhuang Yi’s singing. The next song is Bo He’s.”

“Chen Bai just filled me in that he’s already asked the waiter for our room to turn all the lights off on his signal later. That’s when you come in.”

“Xiao Yi, I added the song you wanted on the playlist. There are about five songs before that, so that’s in about twenty minute’s time.”

After reading that message, Ji Yi felt nervous again all of a sudden.

She clutched her chest and took a deep breath. Then she looked out the window of the restroom.

A flourishing city, beaming with dazzling lights.

In that instant, Ji Yi suddenly felt a surge of energy running through her body as though she had never felt this kind of courage in her whole life.

As long as she bravely took the first step, from there on out, she’d never be alone in this bustling city.

With that thought, Ji Yi’s heart raced even faster and her blood started to boil.

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