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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 788
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 788: I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She secretly waited for the prelude to end before she raised the microphone to her lips and sang.

“It honestly feels like a good thing that doesn’t have to be promised. That’s so immature…”

As her singing voice rang out, Ji Yi clearly saw He Jichen suddenly stop in the middle of clinking glasses with Han Zhifan.

“I thought I could let you do what you want. Besides, I have nowhere to go.”

After Ji Yi sang two more lines, He Jichen turned his head and looked over at Ji Yi.

When her gaze met He Jichen’s, Ji Yi’s heart let her down as she started to feel nervous. She didn’t avoid He Jichen’s gaze, but she forcefully clutched the rung in her hands. She continued to sing along to the music in the background: “I’m afraid of people with too much responsibility, because he would make sacrifices at any time…”

As those words left her lips, Ji Yi thought back to how He Jichen hadn’t said anything and took care of her in every way for over a year or so, and silently left her world.

Men normally propose to women right? But she was willing to propose to him.

He Jichen’s gaze didn’t shift from Ji Yi’s face.

Ji Yi’s gaze locked onto He Jichen’s face as she sang non-stop. “You can choose to love me or not; I am still yours no matter what. I’ve even found an excuse for you…”

It’s been three years. Until today, I haven’t felt the same feeling I had when you sang this song into the microphone that year on my birthday.

Say, how can there be someone as stupid as you in this world?

You, who only want to give but never ask for anything in return.

Ji Yi silently stared into He Jichen’s eyes with a layer of mist starting to creep into her eyes.

“Rather than be in a world where you don’t want me, why not forget you completely? Everybody knows this principle – it’s easy to say it~ to be stubborn even loving you through and through.”

It was very dim in the room, so Ji Yi couldn’t see He Jichen’s expression, but she could sense that his eyes were very deep and bright.

“I would rather stay within your radius. Should my heart not return to me, then it is yours. You can choose to love me or not; I am still yours no matter what.”

As Ji Yi sang up to this point, her voice sounded a little trembly. She tried hard to suppress the emotions in her chest to avoid going off key as much as possible.

“My love spreads within your radius. It’s so close, I can hear you breathing.”

The noisy room gradually quieted down.

Ji Yi’s fingers around the microphone trembled slightly as her eyes were transfixed on He Jichen and her lips parted. “As long as you turn around, I am right here.”

The music stopped.

The entire room was incredibly silent.

Ji Yi slightly pursed her lips and spoke again. She was no longer singing, but instead, she cried, “He Jichen…”

He Jichen’s fingers clutching the glass trembled abruptly, causing the wine to spill out and fall onto his sleeve. He sat back on the sofa as though he didn’t feel a thing, and stared at her without moving.

“In the hotpot restaurant opposite the school, you said something to me when the wishing bell rang.”

“You said, ‘Actually, I’m really not so bad. Do you want to try to fall in love with me?'”

He Jichen, who hadn’t moved since he looked over at her, finally had a reaction.

He slowly put the wine glass in his hands down onto the big marble table in front of him.

Because the room was too quiet, it let out a faint yet crisp sound.

He Jichen moved, but it made Ji Yi even more nervous. She stared unwaveringly into He Jichen’s eyes, forcefully gulped, and continued to say, “If I say that I’m going to turn around. Will you still be here?” 1

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