Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 793
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 793
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 793: I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (13)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

“The two of you can quit helping her. Let me tell you this! She isn’t the only one I’m going to hit today – all three of you are gonna get it!”

As Ji Yi said this, her hand bolted up again and slapped the other two women hard on the face.

As two loud slapping sounds were heard, Ji Yi angrily cried, “As for the reason? Do I need a reason to hit the three of you?”

All three women bumped into Ji Yi then randomly got slapped in the face, so naturally, they were pissed. Even if there were people waiting for them upstairs, they couldn’t care less about heading upstairs anymore. One of the women with an anger issue was first to react. As the woman swore, she lunged at Ji Yi with her claws. Then the two others came to their senses and followed suit.

Honestly speaking, Ji Yi just lost it because they said such horrid things about He Jichen, so she hit them.

She never thought about how she was outnumbered three to one. It wasn’t until the three of them retaliated that she realized there was a problem.

With three against one, she was definitely outnumbered, fighting alone. No matter how she saw it, she was going to lose.

The situation had already escalated, so even with that last thought, Ji Yi didn’t even have a chance of admitting defeat now. All she could do was brace herself and retaliate.

After all, every hit counted and it was better than just getting hit and doing nothing about it.

Honestly speaking, Ji Yi really was ready to get hit when the three of them came at her. If worse came to worst, she would potentially cancel her jobs for the next few days and pay the compensation fees for breaching the contracts if her face got scratched up, had chunks of hair ripped out, and her ear got cut by the studs torn off.

It was unclear if it was because she was ready to fight to the end and was determined to take on any consequences, but Ji Yi acted out unusually. It was unclear if it was because they dissed He Jichen and completely agitated her, but Ji Yi became incredibly strong. It was even more unclear if it was because those three women were really garbage, but all in all, Ji Yi, who expected the very worst, wasn’t actually heavily outnumbered as she fought them, nor was she beat up by those three people. In fact, she might have been at a disadvantage in numbers, but she was actually winning the fight! And she was winning by a long shot.

Not only was her face not scratched up, but her hair wasn’t torn out and her studs and necklace were still intact. In comparison, the three ladies’ faces were strikingly red and swollen. There were bloody scratch marks on their necks, and the woman with little hair was crying as a chunk of hair was torn out. Another one screamed about losing a several-thousand-RMB ring during the fight.

Ji Yi hadn’t completely escaped unscathed as her hair was a mess, the dress she carefully chose in the afternoon was torn, her arms had bloody scratch marks, and her waist and back had been kicked a few times. However, compared to the scenario she anticipated, this was a lot better.

After the security ran over in a hurry and separated them, Ji Yi finally realized that those three women were only good at talking. In reality, they were useless idiots!

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