Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 795
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 795
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 795: I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (15)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It seemed like he spoke on the phone for about two or three minutes before he lowered the phone from his ear and put it back into his pocket.

A second later, he looked right at her.

His gaze was dull and emotionless.

Just as Ji Yi thought he was only shooting her a glance like he did back in the private room, she quickly withdrew her gaze and prepared to leave. All of a sudden, He Jichen raised his feet and started walking over to her.

Since they’d met again, this was the first time he took the initiative to get closer to her.

Ji Yi stared at He Jichen, who was drawing closer and closer, in a complete daze.

She kept thinking she was just hallucinating until He Jichen stopped in front of her and flatly said, “Let’s go.” That was when Ji Yi sluggishly reacted by loosening her clutch on her clothes and secretly pinched herself hard on her waist.

The piercing pain woke Ji Yi up considerably as she realized He Jichen just spoke to her. Her eyes lit up as she obediently nodded at He Jichen.

He Jichen didn’t say anything more but he stared into the glow in her eyes for a while then turned around and headed for the elevators.

Ji Yi hurriedly caught up.

There was just the two of them in the elevator. He Jichen had his eyes down, staring at his feet with no intention of speaking.

Ji Yi stood beside him in silence too. Every now and then, she glanced over at him.

When the elevator passed the floor where room 1001 was, Ji Yi realized what was happening – He Jichen had pressed a different button. “Are we not heading back to the room?” asked Ji Yi quietly.

He Jichen shot her a glance but didn’t say a thing.

The elevator quickly rose to the top floor. The door opened and He Jichen straightened up, heading out first.

Ji Yi caught up to him. “Where are we going?”

He Jichen still didn’t say anything.

The two of them walked a short distance down the red-carpet hallway. Ji Yi was about to say something to He Jichen when an attendant showed up. “Mr. He, this is the room key that Mr. Chen asked me to hand to you.”

He Jichen silently took the key.

“Mr. He, the things Mr. Chen asked me to prepare are already inside the room for you,” said the attendant.

Ji Yi turned her head in confusion and looked over at He Jichen.

Was he just on the phone with Chen Bai earlier? What did he ask Chen Bai to prepare?

He Jichen sensed Ji Yi’s gaze on him and the questions she had deep down, but he didn’t explain himself to her. All he did was give the attendant a nonchalant nod.

“So Mr. He, if there’s anything you need, please feel free to contact me at any time. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving first.”

This time, He Jichen didn’t even give the attendant a reaction.

Having gone through special training, the “Golden Lounge attendant knew well to bow at He Jichen and Ji Yi and quietly left.

After the attendant was some distance away, He Jichen lowered his head and glanced at the room key and room number. He confirmed the room, swiped the key to open the door, pushed it open, then stood at the entrance. He shot Ji Yi a look as if to signal her to go in.

After Ji Yi stepped in, He Jichen threw the room key by the countertop and headed for the bathroom.

Ji Yi stood at the entrance for a while before heading into the living room.

That was when she saw the medical kit on the coffee table of the living room and a paper bag from a luxury brand.

This is what He Jichen asked Chen Bai to prepare?

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