Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 796
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 796
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 796: I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (16)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Is this what He Jichen asked Chen Bai to prepare?

With that thought, the bathroom door behind Ji Yi opened.

She turned to see He Jichen stepping out from the bathroom.

He seemed to have gone into the bathroom to wash his hands as he was wiping his hands with tissue.

By the time he walked over to the sofa, he had already finished wiping his hands and thrown the tissue in the trash can. That was when he looked up at Ji Yi, whose eyes had been following him. “Sit.”

“Ok,” said Ji Yi. A short while passed before she finally processed what He Jichen meant and walked over to the sofa.

The moment she sat got into a comfortable position, He Jichen crouched in front of her and lifted her torn skirt.

His actions made Ji Yi’s body stiffen up then she saw He Jichen dragging the medical kit by his side. He lifted the lid and rummaged inside for while before pulling out some alcohol and cotton balls.

“This is gonna hurt a little, so bear with it,” said He Jichen quietly as opened the lid of the bottle of alcohol.

After Ji Yi’s softly replied, “Uh huh…” He Jichen poured the alcohol onto a cotton ball and pressed it onto Ji Yi’s bleeding scratches.

Despite how Ji Yi was trying her hardest not to show that she was in pain, her leg couldn’t help but shudder from the searing pain of the wound being sterilized.

Even if it was just for a moment, Ji Yi was still able to feel how He Jichen became softer and more gentle as he took care of her.

The room was very quiet.

In the end, neither of them spoke.

Her head hung as she watched him concentrating on cleaning the wound, and it seemed like time had turned back to how things were before. Back to when she returned to showbiz but before she got famous, when He Jichen was the CEO of YC and was a young, talented director. Back to when he was by her side through all her tumultuous days.

While He Jichen was taking care of Ji Yi’s wound in the executive room on the top floor, a brief interlude was going on for Han Zhifan on the floor below room 1001.

After He Jichen and Ji Yi left, the atmosphere in the room froze for a moment then it started to liven up again.

In the midst of it all, Chen Bai had to step out to take a call for some reason, so all Han Zhifan could do was clink glasses and drink with Li Da.

Li Da got a video call.

Han Zhifan sat beside Li Da, turned his head slightly, and happened to catch a glimpse of a one-year-old kid and a fifty-or-so lady popping up on Li Da’s phone.

The baby just learned how to talk so the baby sounded incoherent, but He Jichen could make out that the baby was crying “Daddy.”

Li Da looked like he just heard the most beautiful thing as his face swelled with joy.

He patiently teased the baby for a while then raised the glass, ready to take a sip, when he saw Han Zhifan staring at his screen. He thought he was interested in his son, so he put the screen in front of Han Zhifan. “Mr. Han, this is my son. He’s one year and two months old,” boasted Li Da.

With that, Li Da spoke with a cute and sweet voice to the baby in the video call: “Baby, this is Uncle. say ‘uncle,’ ‘uncle’…”

The baby copied Li Da and made non-stop noises. Perhaps, “uncle” was too difficult, so the baby kept on making an “ah ah” sound.

Shortly after, the baby peed. The fifty-year-old lady went to take care of the baby and hung up the phone.

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