Cover A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 799
A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 799
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 799: I Don’t Want Someone Better, I Just Want You (19)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As he was being lectured, the little boy obediently lowered his head like he knew he was in the wrong.

“You can never do that again. If you do, I won’t ever take you out to play, ya got that?!”

The little boy raised his head and nodded fiercely at the woman like he was making a promise.

With that, the expression on the woman’s face reverted back to normal. She raised her hand, rubbed the little boy’s head, and said, “Very good, Hanhan.” When she straightened up, she noticed Han Zhifan crouched down by the wall in front of them.

All of a sudden, the woman stopped as she was about to get up.

The little boy tugged on the woman’s hand, pointed at Han Zhifan, and cried, “Daddy.”

The little boy snapped the woman back to her senses as she kept her head down and spoke to the little boy with a hurried voice: “That’s not your daddy!”

It seemed like the little boy hadn’t heard what the woman said and continued to cry out to Han Zhifan: “Daddy.”

“I told you. That’s not your daddy!” said the women with an abrupt, angry voice.

The little boy was so afraid that he didn’t dare to make a peep as his eyes started to well up with tears.

The woman didn’t cheer the little boy up. She apologized to Han Zhifan: “Sorry.” Then she carried the little boy and quickly walked away.

Han Zhifan wasn’t sure if he was overthinking things, but it felt like he knew that woman. Also, he felt like there was a hint of fear in her eyes when she looked at him.

With that thought, Han Zhifan furrowed his brows and turned his head. He looked over at the woman who tried to cheer up the crying boy as she speed-walked away, The more he watched, the more he felt like she was fleeing.

That was odd. He didn’t know that woman at all, so why did she give him that kind of feeling?

Just as He Jichen finished applying some medicine for Ji Yi, his phone rang.

He put down the ointment and pulled out his phone from his pocket.

Sitting in front of him, Ji Yi glanced over at his phone screen and saw that it was Chen Bai calling.

He Jichen didn’t mind her; he swiped the screen and took the call.

Before he said anything, he first heard Chen Bai’s voice from the phone: “Mr. He, I did what you asked me to do.”

The hotel room was very quiet and Chen Bai’s voice was a little loud, so Ji Yi could clearly hear what he said.

What did He Jichen ask Chen Bai to do?

Ji Yi lifted her eyelids in confusion and glanced at He Jichen while he was on the phone. Then she heard Chen Bai’s voice saying, “Those three women have accepted to handle it in private.”

Those three women… the three women I beat up earlier?

Curiosity flashed across Ji Yi’s mind as He Jichen’s words rang in her ear: “And the CCTV recording? Was it destroyed?”

“It’s destroyed,” replied Chen Bai curtly. He thought his reply was too half-hearted, so he added, “I saw the security guard deleting the recording of Miss Ji hitting people with my own eyes. I also checked that even if they used advanced CGI, they wouldn’t be able to fix the recording.”

“Also, I got the three women to sign NDAs and found a lawyer to certify them, just as you asked. If what happened tonight ever gets out in the slightest, they’ll have to pay ten times our rate of compensation.”

So back then, at the first-floor lobby, He Jichen didn’t just call Chen Bai to prepare some medicine and some clothes – he even helped clean up Ji Yi’s mess…

This whole scenario felt like how it used to be when he was by her side, no matter what happened. Before she could even think about what to do, he already helped her handle it.

Ji Yi couldn’t help but think back to the past again and her heart felt like it was being tugged by something. One minute she felt heartache, the other minute, she felt warmth.

He Jichen quickly hung up on Chen Bai. He turned his head and scanned Ji Yi all over. After he was sure she wasn’t injured anywhere else, he picked up the paper bag from the table and left it beside Ji Yi. “Change into these clothes later.”

He Jichen didn’t wait for Ji Yi to reply at all. He got up and said, “I’m leaving first.”

After he said this, He Jichen turned right around.

Before he could lift a foot, Ji Yi, who was sitting on the sofa, quickly reached out and grabbed his hand.

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