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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 807
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 807: A Confession For The Whole World To Hear (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

With practically no break in between, He Jichen’s voice came out from the phone again: “There’s nothing else. If you have nothing else to say then…”

“He Jichen…” Ji Yi interrupted He Jichen for the second time.

He Jichen didn’t keep speaking but he didn’t respond to her either.

“…Do we really have to do this?” exclaimed Ji Yi.

He Jichen’s silence informed Ji Yi of his answer.

“If you really insist on doing this, then can you do me a favor?”

He Jichen remained quiet on the phone for three seconds before finally saying, “Go on…”

“In the past, you told me you would walk with me one step at a time to the highest peak in my life. The television awards is tomorrow and I’m nominated. If you’re not busy, then can you come to the live show? Take it as a perfect ending to us being together. What we agreed on in the past can also be…” Ji Yi seemed so sad that she couldn’t finish speaking. Then, after a pause, she continued by saying, “…our farewell.”

After Ji Yi said her piece, the call fell silent.

Ji Yi didn’t know how long she was quiet for. Maybe it was just for a minute or maybe it was just thirty seconds, but Ji Yi felt like it was as long as an eternity.

Just when she thought He Jichen wouldn’t answer and thought she needed to think of something else to say to persuade him, his voice came from the phone: “Okay.”

It seemed like a giant rock crushing Ji Yi’s heart had been removed. She secretly let out a sigh of relief. “Do you have an invitation? Do you need Zhuang Yi to send one over to you?”

“There’s no need to go through that trouble. I can do it myself,” replied He Jichen more quickly this time.

“So… see you tomorrow night.”

“See you tomorrow night.”

Ji Yi was stunned for two seconds when she heard He Jichen’s reply as she lowered the phone from her ear and pressed the button to hang up.

Ji Yi stood there for a while in a remote corner without a single person around. Then she headed back to the studio, clutching her phone.

Tang Huahua glanced at Ji Yi and immediately rushed over to her. “Xiao Yi, Chen Bai and I were just chatting. Do you know who he saw today?”

Tang Huahua was clearly asking Ji Yi a question, but she didn’t wait for Ji Yi to guess. She couldn’t help blurting out: “Cheng Weiwan!”

Chen Bai really did bump into Cheng Weiwan.

It happened three hours ago at Muqing Publishing.

Muqing Publishing’s boss was Lin Muqing. There were countless best-selling books published under her management.

Chen Bai was only in touch with Lin Muqing because this year, Muqing Publishing released an explosive collection of books. Huan Ying Entertainment wanted to buy them and adapt them into dramas.

One story was called “Lost” The author’s name was just a single letter: C.

At first, Chen Bai wanted to contact the author named C directly, but this author gave all their copyrights to the publishing house, so Chen Bai had to speak to Lin Muqing.

“Lost” was so popular that countless television companies were fighting for the book’s copyrights. Chen Bai tried to book a meeting with Lin Muqing for a week before he finally set up a meeting time.

Chen Bai and Lin Muqing had a meeting at two in the afternoon at the publishing house.

At noon, Lin Muqing and Cheng Weiwan had lunch together. With them was Cheng Weiwan’s one-and-a-half-year-old son, Cheng Han.

In this world, aside from Lin Muqing and Cheng Weiwan, no one else knew that the author of “Lost,” “C,” was Cheng Weiwan.

In the first year Cheng Weiwan started to write her book, she met Lin Muqing, who was responsible for publishing all her books.

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