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A Billion Stars Can’t Amount To You Novel Chapter 809
Author :YE FEI YE,叶非夜

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Chapter 809: A Confession For The Whole World To Hear (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

When they finished eating, Lin Muqing glanced at the time and asked, “Do you still need to head back to the publishing house?”

“Yeah. Hanhan’s milk bottle, diapers, and the cold medicine he needs to take are in your office.”

“Then let’s head back now. I have an appointment with Chen Bai at two. He used to work with you at YC, and the two of you were close, so he’ll definitely know the truth if he sees you and Hanhan together. Let’s head back early and get your things then leave with Hanhan.”

Cheng Weiwan listened to all this and replied to Lin Muqing with “Alright” without any hesitation. She raised her hand and called the waiter for the bill.

The restaurant Cheng Weiwan and Lin Muqing were at was quite close to the publishing house – it was just a five-minute walk away.

They came out of the restaurant at ten past one, so it was sixteen past one when they got back to the publishing house.

The appointment with Chen Bai was for two, so no matter what time Lin Muqing and Cheng Weiwan got back, Chen Bai never thought he would arrive that early.

But some people were destined to meet and some stories were destined to never end. Nobody could escape or avoid the plan the Lord had prepared.

That day, Chen Bai had a business lunch in the afternoon near Muqing Publishing. However, after he rushed over, the person he was supposed to meet canceled at the last minute.

There were still two hours until 2 PM. It was too much of a hassle to head back to the office, so Chen Bai figured he would randomly find somewhere to eat on his own. Then he headed over to Muqing Publishing early.

He came out of the elevator and was just about to give his name to the lady at the front desk. In the end, he only managed to say “Chen” when all of a sudden, a soft voice said from behind, “Mummy! Hurry up, mummy!”

Chen Bai casually glanced over to see an adorable little-steamed bun running out of the publishing house.

There were two women behind the little-steamed bun; one was a woman he’d seen photos of who he recognized as the owner of Muqing Publishing. The other person was someone he was very familiar with. He was so familiar with her that he thought he was seeing things. He couldn’t believe he and her were meeting again there.

Chen Bai saw Cheng Weiwan the same moment that Cheng Weiwan saw him.

The two of them were stunned at the same time.

Lin Muqing didn’t notice anything amiss at first. When she sensed something was off with the atmosphere, she instinctively wanted to carry Cheng Han into her own office. Cheng Han saw Cheng Weiwan standing at the door without going inside. He shuffled back to Cheng Weiwan, reached out his chubby little hand and grabbed Cheng Weiwan’s pants and cried, “Mummy.”

The two of them were stunned at the same time.

That one word made Chen Bai suddenly widen his eyes.

His gaze turned back and forth between Cheng Weiwan and the little-steamed bun. After some time, he said in complete astonishment, “Screenwriter Cheng, is this your child?”

Cheng Weiwan suddenly came back to her senses. Without saying a word, she bent over, picked up Cheng Han, and ran out of the publishing house.

Chen Bai instinctively bolted, wanting to run after her when Lin Muqing reached out and stopped Chen Bai.

After leaving Muqing Publishing that day, Chen Bai was torn.

it wasn’t until twelve at night that he ended up calling Han Zhifan.

The next day, Ji Yi got on a plane in the afternoon with Zhuang Yi and Tang Huahua bound for C city.

Since the weather was bad, the plane was delayed and there was practically no time to rest when they reached the hotel. They had Ji Yi’s makeup done and they started to get ready for the television awards.

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